Section F Row 3 – 1 – Swan


In Loving Memory of SARAH beloved wife of GEORGE SWAN, Sunnycroft, Donaldsons Lodge, who died 8th Aug. 1945 aged 66.

Also of the above GEORGE SWAN who died 6th June 1969 aged 88 years.


This stone has fallen


It has been reinstated by the Baxter family. Kathleen Baxter was George and Sarah 5th child.


Sarah Logan was born at Akeld Wooler she died at Harrogate  in 1945 her parents were James Logan and Mary Johnston.

They had 5 children Edith, Alice Francis Charlotte and Kathleen

George was a salmon fisher at Greathaugh fishery about a mile from Donaldsons Lodge where they lived. They would walk to work and carry all there fish home.

In the close season from fishing George was a drainer

Sarah was one of 9 children, Agnes, Isabella, John, James, Thomas, Esther, and Charles. Thomas and Charles were killled in the first world war.

George was one of 4 children  Elizabeth, Frank, and James

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