Section F – Row 11 – 5 – Swan/Borthwick


In Memory of FRANCIS COLIN SWAN died 28 July 1995 age 79 Also his wife AMY ELEANOR BORTHWICK Died 2 April 2008 age 87


Colin Swan Born at Oxendean Burn moved to Donaldsons Lodge in the 1920's when his father built a new house "Sunnycroft" He was a Salmon fisherman on the Tweed at Greathaugh. His father before him was also a fisherman. He served in the Royal Navy in the Second World War. He was married to Amy Borthwick who came from the Greens part of Berwick. Her mother was a Gladstone who was a baker in Spittal. Amy's Grandfather was Short who had Corn Mills in Berwick and Budle Bay. He is buried in Ford Churchyard. The Mills are still run and owned by Gladstone. Amy never new her Grandfather.

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