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(The headstone is getting more difficult to read these days). Sacred to the Memory of P--ER ALLAN daughter of WALTER and ANNE ALLAN who died at Norham, 18th August 1- - - - aged 6 years.  Also ALICE their daughter who died 2nd November 1855 aged 1 year.  Also the above ANN ALLAN who died at Newburn, Jan. 24th 1891 aged 77 years.  Also the above WILLIAM? ALLAN who died at Newburn Jan. 8th 1892 aged 81 years.  Also JAMES ALLAN his son who died at Coldstream, 30th Dec. 1906.  ANN ALLAN, daughter of JOHN who died at Campfield, 28th Jan. 1891 aged 77 years.  Also ISABEL _________?, daughter, who died Oct. 13th 1835 aged ______ years.  Also ALISON ALLAN, wife of the above who died at N??ham.  Also the __________? ALLAN ____? February _________? _____ years.

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