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Sacred to the Memory of ISABELLA, wife of WILLIAM MOOR, St. Cuthberts, who died 17th July 1881 aged 56 years.  She was an affectionate wife and loving mother.  Also the above WILLIAM MOOR who died at Tiptoe, 15th Jan. 1892 aged 74 years.
A loving father, a tender mother, faithful friend,
have gone forever.  Great is the loss that we
sustain, but hope in heaven to meet again


William Moor born in Berwick to Nicholas and Mary Moor, William was a farmer in Longridge  and in 1881 he was farming at St Cuthberts near Donaldsons Lodge Cornhill on Tweed he later moved to Tipto near Duddo

In 1881 he had family 

William Moor 63
Isabella Moor 55
Alexander Moor 27
William Moor 26
Catherine Moor 24
John L. Moor 22
Alison Moor 19
Thomas Moor 18
James Moor 16
Isabella Moor 14
Robert Piercy 39
Andrew Lunn 59


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