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Erected by WILLIAM SHANNAN, Cornhill, In Memory of ROBERT his son, who died 11th May 1839 aged 2 years.  Also THOMAS his son who died 6th Decr. 1843 aged 17 years.  Also JESSIE his daughter who died 19th Feb 1844 aged 11 years. Also WILLIAM his son who died 12th DEcr 1861 aged 36 years. Also MARGARET who died in infancy.  Also ROBERT his son who died 28th April 1873 aged 30 years.  Also of the above WILLIAM SHANNAN who died at Lennel Newtown, 29th Jany. 1891 aged 91 years.  Also of ISABELLA his daughter who died at Lennel Newtown, 22 Jany. 1892 aged 56 years.  Also of JANE GRAHAM his wife who died at Lennel Newtown, 4th Sept. 1893 aged 90 years.  Also JANE his daughter who died 17th Decr. 1894 aged 55 years.

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