Section E – Row 2 – 4 – Easton/Govan


In Loving Memory of ANDREW EASTON, beloved husband of CHRISTINA ARCHIBOLD GOVAN who died at New Harper Ridge, 2nd Jan. 1925 aged 64 years.

Also the above CHRISTINA ARCHIBOLD GOVAN who died 22nd December 1938 aged 78 years.


When Andrew Easton was born in 1860 in Tillmouth Cornhill on-Tweed, Northumberland, his father, James, was 40 and his mother, Jane, was 41. He married Christina Archibald Govan on 22 June 1887 in Berwickshire. They had three children during their marriage. He died on 27 December 1925 in his hometown at the age of 65. The three children were James William Govan1894 – 1967, Miriam Lewins 1896 – Christina Archibald 1902 – 1968./ Christina Archibald Govan was born in Chirnside Berwickshire They were married 22nd June 1887 in Berwickshire.


The Eastons had the village shop in New Harperidge  what is now the village of Donaldsons Lodge.

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