Section B – Row 8 – 3 – Rutherford/Murray


In loving memory of JANET RUTHERFORD beloved wife of JAMES MURRAY who died at Holefield on 25th August 1896 aged 65 years. Also two children who died in infancy. JAMES MURRAY our father who died at Old Holefield on the 251h December 1905 aged 80 years. Also ISABELLA MURRAY their daughter who died at Old Holefield 11th May 1914 aged 53 years. Also MARGARET MURRAY Old Holefield, Kelso 2nd daughter of above who died at the Baiglie Abernethy  Perthshire 15th June 1935 aged 77 years. Severe We felt that trying morn  when she was called away. But let us trust to meet again in bright eternal day

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