Section B – Row 22 – 1 – Rutherford/Shiel/Laidler


Erected by WILLIAM and JANE RUTHERFORD in loving memory of ISABELLA their youngest daughter who died at the Cottage Hospital Coldstream 16th May 1901 in her 24th year. Loved and esteemed in life and lamented in death. Also JOHN their eldest son who died at Wark 19th  March 1903 aged 36 years. Asleep in Jesus. Also the above JANE RUTHERFORD  who died at Wark 31st Augt.1920 aged 77 years . Also the above WILLIAM RUTHERFORD who died at Coldstream 25th June 1929 aged 88 years  :In loving memory of ISABELL SHIEL  who died 13th Decr 1904, aged 85 years.

On the rear of the stone: Erected by ISABEL SHEIL in memory of her mother JANE SHEIL widow of JOHN SHEIL who died at Wark 5th April 1875 aged 83 years, Also MARGARET LAIDLER wife of JAMES SHEIL who died at Middle Softla (sic) 10th Augt. 1886 aged 49 years Also WILLIAM SHEIL son of JAMES SHEIL who died at Castlelaw 5th  May 1876 aged  years. Also the above JAMES SHEIL who died at West Nisbit 15th June 1899 aged 65 years . Though after my  worms destroy this body  yet in my flesh shall see God



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