Section B – Row 12 – 1 – Simpson/Orchard


In memory of MARY SIMPSON daughter of ALEXANDER and FREDERIKKA LOUISA SIMPSON  who died at Wark 16th March 1865 aed 4 years. Also the above FREDERIKKA LOUISA SIMPSON who died at Coldstream  24th Septr 1913, aged 78 years. Also the above ALEXANDER SIMPSON  who died at Coldstream 10th Novr. 1921 aged 94 years  MARY SIMPSON  daughter? of the above  ....... 13th Novr 1926  (FREDERICK)  letter obscured.....ORCHARD of Avondale Salisbury. Rhodesia. Also FREDERIKKA LOUISA fifth daughter of the above born October 1874 died 7th July 1930

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