Birgham Section B row – 5 – 3 – Crighton/Jeffery/Dodds/Cockburn/Crighteon


Erected ni memory of JAMES CRIGHTON feuar in Birgham who died 4th June 1818 aged 63 years. Also JANET JEFFERY his wife who died 19th May 1837 aged 75 years. And JOHN DODS their son-in-law who died 12th September 1826 aged 35 years. Also AGNES CRIGHTEON relict of JAMES COCKBURN who died 28th January 1860 aged 64 years. Also ELSPETH CRIGHTON relict of the above JOHN DODS who died 5th December 1864 aged 67 years. Also ELIZABETH CRIGHTON grand-daughter of the above who died 13th December 1870 aged 31 years. Also WILLIAM CRIGHTON eldest son of the above who died 29th March 1875 aged 74 years. Also ROBERT CRIGHTON son of the above who died 9th March 1881 aged 78 years. Also ROBERT THOMAS CRIGHTON son of the above ROBERT CRIGHTON born 16th July 1843 died 22nd September 1900. Also JAMES CRIGHTON born 14th June 1841 died 26th March 1905.

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