Birgham Section B row – 4 – 3 – Wood/Dodds


In memory of JOHN WOOD son of JOHN WOOD in Burgholm who died 27th August 1806 aged 5years. Also ELSPETH WOOD who died 11th April 1807 aged 5 years. Also JOHN WOOD who died 2nd April 1816 aged 6 years. Also JOHN WOOD their father who died 30th May 1844 aged 77 years. Also his daughter ELIZABETH who died 23rd February 1845 aged 22 years. Also ISABELLA DODDS wife to JOHN WOOD who died 14th August 1856 aged 78 years. Also the children of ALEXANDER WOOD son of the above MARGARET who died 26th August 1851 aged 16 months. Also ELSPETH who died 12th November 1863 aged 19 months. Also ISABELLA who died 23rd January 1874 aged 19 years.

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