Birgham Section B row – 11 – 2 – Huntly/Crichton


By GEORGE HUNTLY in memory of GEORGE HUNTLY who died 7th August 1796 aged 7 months.

Also JAMES HUNTLY who died 18th November 1797 aged 3 years and 3 quarters.

Also LINNY HUNTLY who died 25th June 1801  aged 4 year.

THOMAS HUNTLY slater who died 26th January 1812 aged 26 years.

JEAN HUNTLY who died 10th October 1827 aged 27 years.

On reverse of the stone

Also ELISABETH CRICHTON spouse of GEORGE HUNTLY who died 19th November 1828 aged 66 years.

Also GEORGE HUNTLY who died 16th April 1832 aged 71 years.


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