Birgham Section A row – 6 – 11 – Neil/Mathew/Crombie


Erected by DAVID D. NEIL in memory of his son JOHN who deid at Birgham 1st January 1890 aged 10 months. Also ANDREW NEIL son of the above who died in Alberta Canada 26th February 1920 interred in Calgary Cemetery aged 34 years. And JOHN MATHEW NEIL son who died at Birgham 11th November 1923 aged 28 years husband of MARY ANN CROMBIE. Also the above DAVID D NEIL who died at Birgham 31st December 1937 aged 77 years. Also SARAH MATHEW his wife who died at Birgham 31st December 1946 aged 84 years. Also the said MARY ANN CROMBIE who died at Birgham 5th February 1949 aged 57 years.

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