Churches of the Berwickshire Merse

On Thursday 2nd February 2012, Vice President Will Murray welcomed the Reverend Alan Cartwright of the Church of Scotland to the Eildon Centre to give a talk on the Churches of Berwickshire, focusing mainly on Fogo, Swinton and Ladykirk Churches. Alan was as lively as ever, entertaining at the same time, especially when the technology let him down.

He had some beautiful images of the churches and several facts about their history. To keep things rolling along, and much to the amusement of around 40 in the audience, the occasional image of Egypt, the Holy Land or the Khyber Pass would appear. It became clear that these churches were full of history along with their role on Christianity. Gerald Tait gave the vote of thanks and urged everyone to visit these churches. A welcome cup of tea followed, with some scrumptious custard creams.

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