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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Swinton Section A – 60 – Davidson/Fairbairn

Erected by GEORGE DAVIDSON farmer Simprim Mains in memory of his mother MARY DAVIDSON who died at Butterlaw 10th May 1883 aged 78 years. Also his niece MARY DAVIDSON who died 5th August 1875 aged 3 years. Also his sister ELIZABETH DAVIDSON who died at Clifton 17th March 1918 aged 75 years. Also his wife JANET FAIRBAIRN DAVIDSON who died at Mountfair 15th March 1918 aged 82 years.

Swinton Section A – 61 – Purves/Walker/Waters

JOHN PURVES feuar in Swinton who died 24th November 1785 aged 73 years. Spouse MARGRET WALKER died 16th May 1794 aged 70 years.

On rear

BETTY daughter of JOHN PURVES died 30th November 1794 aged 10 months. JEAN died 2nd March 1806 aged 17 years. Spouse JANET WATERS died 8th September 1812 aged 63 years. The above JOHN PURVES who died 25th March 1835 aged 83 years.







Swinton Section A – 63 – Middlemis

In memory of THOMAS MIDDLEMIS wright and fewar in Swinton died 13th March 1782 aged 61 years. Spouse JANNET MIDDLEMIS 11th December 1791 aged 76 years. Grandchild MARGRET MIDDLEMIS 19th August 1796 aged 1 year. Daughter of GEORGE MIDDLEMIS in Swinton.

Swinton Section A – 65 – Moffat/Patterson/Hogg

Erected by GEORGE MOFFAT tenant in Mount Pleasant in memory of wife MARGARET PATTERSON died 11th September 1851 aged 51 years.

Also the above GEORGE MOFFAT died 8th May 1867 aged 85 years.

Son JOHN died 27th October 1875 aged 50 years.

His wife JANE HOGG died at Greenlaw 29th January 1905 aged 81 years. 

Swinton Section A – 66 – Anderson/Russell

Erected by ROBERT ANDERSON in memory of his wife ISABELLA RUSSELL who died at Swinton 23rd January 1881 aged 66 years.

Also the above ROBERT ANDERSON who died at Swinton 4th January 1890 aged 70 years.

Swinton Section A – 67 – Edger

In memory of ROBERT EDGER 29th July 1819 aged 58 years

On rear

THOMAS EDGER 18th February 1806 aged 86 years.









Swinton – Section A – 68A – Lermond/Edgar/Brown/Bairnfather

AGNES LERMOND spouse of THOMAS EDGAR died 2nd Sept 1796 in the 45th year of her age. WILLIAM EDGAR son of PETER EDGAR died 23rd March 1787 aged 3 years. JANET BROWN spouse to PETER EDGAR died Dec 1819 aged 70 years? (more words buried).

On rear

MARK EDGAR died 3rd January 1748 aged 76 years. Spouse HELEN BAIRNFATHER died 18th Feb 1747 aged 7? years. 

Swinton Section A – 68 – Edgar/Landell/Wilson

Red Granite Headstone

THOMAS EDGAR tenant in Harcarsehill died 31st July 1857 aged 74 years. Wife ELIZABETH LANDELL died 12th December 1854 aged 65 years. Son THOMAS died 8th April 1858 aged 33 years. Son WILLIAM late tenant in Harcarsehill died 7th January 1885 aged 66 years. His wife JANET FORSYTH WILSON died at Elwartlaw 25th November 1908 aged 69 years. Their daughter ELIZABETH died 1st March 1949. Their daughter JANET FORSYTH WILSON died 7th April 1959.

Swinton Section A – 69 – Aitchison/Kerr/Aikman

Broken stone

Erected by ROBERT AITCHISON Little Swinton in memory of his children. JAMES 24th Feb 1836 aged 3 years. ELIZABETH 7th March 1836 aged 1 year. CHRISTINA 28th February 1830 aged 2 weeks. JOHN 3rd Feb 1861 aged 17 years. WILLIAM died 26th Feb 1871 aged 31 years. Wife CHRISTINA KERR died 23rd February 1875 aged 71 years. Daughter AGNES 13th April 1879 aged 52 years. Also the above ROBERT AITCHISON died 6th April 1887 aged 82 years died at Kemmergame Mains.

On rear

AGNES AIKMAN died 3rd January 1837 aged 66 years. JOHN AITCHISON died 3rd January --32 years. 

Swinton Section A – 71 – Steele/Porter

Erected by PETER STEELE Merchant St.Andrews in memory of father JOHN who died 18th May 1849 aged 81 years. Sister MARGARET died 4th May 1808 aged 7 years. Brother WILLIAM died 10th November 1813 aged 2 years. 2nd brother WILLIAM died 2nd June 1825 aged 9 years. Mother ELIZABETH PORTER (wife of above JOHN STEELE) died 2nd September 1855 aged 82 years.  

Swinton Section A – 71A – Wood

ALEXANDER WOOD son to ANDROU WOOD died Aug 1773 aged 11 months. MARY WOOD died 30th January 1777 aged 1 year. AGNES daughter of said ANDREW WOOD died 10th October 1776 aged 9 months.

Swinton Section A – 73 – Hall/Hope/Dunlop

Table stone

ISOBEL HALL 31st January 1773 aged 58 years. Spouse to WILLIAM HOPE tenant in Nisbet Milns. 2nd spouse MARGARET DUNLOP 18th July 1779 aged 59 years. WILLIAM HOPE 11th October 1792 aged 69 years. Grandchild JANET HOPE daughter of THOMAS HOPE tenant in Nisbet Miln 18th September 1783 aged 2 years.

Swinton Section A – 74A – Moffat/Patterson/Hogg

Erected by GEORGE MOFFAT tenant in Mount Pleasant in memory of his wife MARGARET PATTERSON who died 11th September 1851 aged 51 years. GEORGE MOFFAT died 8th May 1867 aged 65 years. Son JOHN MOFFAT who died 27th October 1875 aged 50 years. JANE HOGG wife of the above JOHN MOFFAT died Greenlaw 20th January 1905 aged 81 years.

Swinton Section A – 75 – Wilkinson/Currie/Sibbald/Shiell

DAVID WILKINSON 11th March 1851 70 years. Wife ANN CURRIE 1st January 1863 aged 81 years. Daughter GRACE 20th December 1813 13 months. Daughter MARY 22nd May 1883 aged 81 years.

On rear

DAVID WILKINSON 19th January 1781 aged 70 years. Spouse ELIZABETH SIBBALD 2nd November 1789 aged 76 years. Grandchildren ELIZABETH 7th April 1788 aged 2 years. MARTHA 27th May 1789 aged 18 months. Daughters of ROBERT WILKINSON son to the above DAVID WILKINSON. DAVID WILKINSON 31st March 1820 aged 67 years. Son of above DAVID WILKINSON. JAMES WILKINSON 10th May 1861 aged 53 years. His wife JANET SHIELL 28th February 1886 aged 79 years.



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