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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Swinton Section A – 42A – Deans

Erected in memory of WILLIAM DEANS Mason Swinton who died 11th September 1877 aged 88 years. Also of his wife JANET DEANS who died 23rd April 1886 aged 80 years. 

Swinton Section A – 42B – Deans/Gray/Halliburton

In memory of WILLIAM DEANS who died June 17th 1810 aged 73 years.

Also his wife ? GRAY who died August 12th 1815 aged 82 years. Also THOMAS son of the above died January 30th 1837 aged 76 years.

This stone is erected by his affectionate wife JANET HALLIBURTON who died 27th April 1870 aged 82 years.

Swinton Section A – 44 – McKay/Spiers

Erected by ALEXANDER & JANE McKAY in memory of their children JANE who died 16th August 1862 aged 4 years. MARGARET who died 20th October 1862 aged 8 months. ELIZABETH who died 30th December 1862 aged 2 years. MARGARET who died 2nd April 1864 aged 4 days. JANE who died 2nd December 1867 aged 3 years. ALEXANDER who died 24th Jan 1871 aged 3 years. Also the above JANE SPIERS his wife who died at Jordon Law 14th January 1902 aged 72 years. Also the above ALEXANDER McKAY who died at Jordon Law 17th May 1906 aged 84 years. JAMES their son who died 22nd Feb 1924 aged 56 years. Also AGNES their daughter who died 14th Jan 1946 aged 89 years

Swinton Section A – 45 – Patterson/Gray/Paterson/Gothel

Erected by WILLIAM PATTERSON in memory of daughter HANNAH who died 8th February 1845 aged 2 years. Son JAMES died 8th November 1866 aged 25 years. Also the above WILLIAM PATTERSON died 12th March 1867 aged 63 years. His wife ELIZABETH GRAY 26th June 1874 aged 70 years.

on rear

AILESON daughter of THOMAS PATERSON in Swinton died 5th November 1809 aged 3 years. Above THOMAS PATERSON 22nd May 1811 aged 43 years. Wife MARGARET GOTHEL 3rd February 1848 aged 81 years.

(the differences in the spelling of Patterson are on the headstone) 

Swinton Section A – 46 – Russel/Leitch

JOHN RUSSEL March 1770 aged 3 weeks. JANET RUSSEL July 1779 3years. Children of JOHN RUSSEL tenant in Ladykirk New Shiels.

On rear 

JAMES RUSSEL 3rd September 1776 aged 31 years. JANET LEITCH spouse to JOHN RUSSEL died 4th April 1772 aged 76 years.

Swinton Section A – 47 – Lyall

Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM LYALL who died at Mount Fair 11th March 1867 aged 69 years. MARY KERR his wife who died at Swinton 19th February 1882 aged 67 years. ISABELLA their daughter who died at Swinton 11th June 1883 aged 37 years. THOMAS their son who died at Foulden Bastle 24th December 1900 aged 59 years

Swinton Section A – 49 – Wardhaugh/Elliot

JAMES WARDHAUGH died 8th January 1858 aged 59 years. Children CATHRINE JANE 6th April 1845 aged 12 years. GEORGE died in infancy, FRANCIS died 3rd June 1860 aged 33 years. Wife HELEN ELLIOT died 16th September 1869 aged 66 years. 

Swinton Section A – 52 – Dods

In memory of JOHN DODS of the Royal North British Dragoons sopn to GEORGE DODS who died 15th July 1757 aged 22 years. (emblems, sword and musket above inscription). 

On rear

JOHN DODS died 9th March 1732 aged 1 year. BETTY DODS died Aug 1757 aged 33 years. Children to GEORGE DODS

Swinton Section A – 53 – Virtue

Headstone broken in two.

Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER VIRTUE who died 9th September 1875 aged 56 years. Also of his daughter ISABELLA who died 16th October 1872 aged 10 years. And of his daughter ? died 1877. Also ISABELLA VIRTUE his wife who died 28th February 1914 aged 85 years. Deeply mourned. Also JOHN VIRTUE son of the above ALEXANDER and ISABELLA who died Newcastle upon Tyne 20th February 1930. Interred at Swinton. 

Swinton Section A – 54 – Purvis/Oliver/Purves

On rear

JOHN PURVIS carrier and feuar in Swinton who died 20th May 1799 aged 62 years.

Grandson JOHN PURVIS died 13th June 1796 aged 1 year.

Son JOHN 12th September 1811 45 years.  

On front

PETER OLIVER died at Greenriggs 2nd April 1863 aged 53 years.

Son WALTER died at Bogend 26th February 1866 aged 10 years.

Son THOMAS died at Leithe 25th December 1871 aged 20 years.

Wife JANET PURVES died at Lemington 13th May 1876 aged 60 years.

Swinton Section A – 55 – Turner/Cjers/Broun

ALEXANDER son to ALEXANDER TURNER died 12th june 1779 aged 9 months.

On rear

iicn CJERS spouse to THOMAS BROUN died 21st May 1770 aged 57 years. WILLIAM and THOMAS and ELICON BROUN their children. 

Swinton Section A – 57 – Davidson

Erected by PETER DAVIDSON in loving memory of ISABELLA GIBSON his beloved wife who died 8th August 1888 aged 64 years.

Also the above  PETER DAVIDSON who died at Swinton House 25th September 1905 aged 83 years.

Also their daughter JANE DAVIDSON wife of JOHN GIBSON who died at Swinton 30th November 1934 aged 68 years.

Also the above JOHN GIBSON who died 18th March 1947 aged 81 years. 

Swinton Section A – 59 – Davidson/Nisbet/Unthank

Erected by GEORGE DAVIDSON tenant West Fishwick in memory of wife ELIZABETH NISBET who died 24th September 1816 aged 75 years.

GEORGE DAVIDSON who died 29th January 1833 aged 73 years.

Son GEORGE died at Ramrig 31st May 1893 aged 84 years.

His wife JANET UNTHANK died at Ladykirk 6th June 1912 aged 83 years.  

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