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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Swinton Section A – 24 – Douglass/Clark/Landles

To the memory of MARGARET DOUGLASS spouse to JAMES CLARK feuar in Swinton who died 13th June 1779 aged 63 years. Also JAMES CLARK who died 11th March 1798 aged 83 years. 

On rear

ADAM CLARK who died 6th January 1771 aged 86 years. Also spouse AGNES LANDLES who died 20th June 1772 aged 80 years.

Swinton Section A – 25- Kerr/Ingles/Kelso/Dingwall

Sacred to the memory of EBENEZER KERR who died at Little Swinton on 14th September 1856 aged 44 years. Also wife MARY INGLES who died on 4th February 1879 aged 72 years. Father JAMES KERR who died at Swinton 20th March 1857 aged 77 years. Also his wife ISABELLA KELSO who died at Little Swinton on 25th November 1858 aged 79 years. Also their grandchild JAMES KERR who died 3rd November 1838 aged 4 years. Also CHRISTINA DINGWALL wife of JAMES KERR (son of the above EBENEZER KERR) who died at Easter Wooden on 17th September 1898 aged 55 years.

Swinton Section A – 26 – Black

On the rear of the headstone only.

To the memory of JEAN BLACK died February 2nd 1800 aged 17 years and 10 months daughter to JOHN BLACK. Also ELEANOR died 25th the same month 1800 aged 4 years 4 months. GEORGE died December 10th 1804 aged 21 years. JOHN BLACK died 1st October 1808 aged 26 years. ROBERT BLACK died 2nd (or is 12th?) August 1809 aged 22 years.   

Swinton Section A – 27 – Purves/Black/Boumacker

Here lies the body of JANET PURVES who died 31st October 1779 aged 37 years spouse to JOHN BLACK junior Smith and Feuar in Swinton. Also his daughter MARGARET BLACK who died 26th April 1785 aged 5 months. Also son JAMES BLACK died 5th August 1790 aged 5 months.

On rear

Here lies the body of MARGARET BOUMACKER who died 30th November 1776 aged 71 years spouse to JOHN BLACK smith in Swinton. His son JAMES BLACK died 30th March 1777 aged 35 years.

Also the said JOHN BLACK who died 11th May 1794 aged 81 years.  


Swinton Section A – 28 – Wightman

Erected by POLWARTH WIGHTMAN Swinton Quarter in memory of daughter JANET who died 13th January 1847 aged 9 years.

Also son DAVID who died 27th December 1853 aged 5 years.

Also the above POLWARTH WIGHTMAN who died 4th November 1854 aged  47 years.

Swinton Section A – 29 – Mackay

Erected by JOHN MACKAY Swinton in memory of wife AGNES LANDELLS who died 12th November 1870 aged 72 years.

The above JOHN MACKAY who died 5th September 1877 aged 85 years.

Also their grandsons JOHN MACKAY who died 5th March 1861 aged 2 years and DANIEL MACKAY who died 22nd August 1873 aged 13 years.

Swinton Section A – 31 – Armstrong

This is a double stone with A31 (Gilray). The Armstrong ones faces east, the Gilray one, west.

This stone is erected in memory of two children beloning to ARCHBALD ATMSTRONG. MARY died 4th January 1786 aged 3 months. ELIZABETH died 12th April 1788 aged 6 months. Also MARGRAT died 21st October 1791 aged 2 1/2 years.

Swinton Section A – 33 – Bell

In memory of ELSPETH BELL who died 4th January 1771 aged 10 years. HECTOR BELL died 21st January 1771 aged 4? years. Children to ADAM BELL.

Swinton Section A – 34 – Gilray

This is a double stone with A 31 (Armstrong) beside the gravel path.

In memory of ROBERT GILRAY who died 19th September 1806 aged 18 years. Son of ROBERT GILRAY feuar in Swinton who died 3rd December 1823 aged 70 years.

(Small stone but difficult to read) 

Swinton Section A – 35 – Hamilton/Deans/Craik

WILLIAM HAMILTON died 2nd October 1839 aged 78 years. Spouse MARY DEANS died 25th January 1850 aged 87 years. WILLIAM HAMILTON 27th September 1823 aged 30 years. MARY HAMILTON 20th September 1796 aged 5 months. THOMAS HAMILTON 15th October 1806 aged 12 years. EUPHANS CRAIK (?) 12th July 1831 aged 41 years. Spouse to WILLIAM HAMILTON

On rear

Erected by ROBERT HAMILTON Swinton in memory of son ROBERT who died 10th June 1837 aged 1 10/12 years. 

Swinton Section A – 36 – Waite/Nisbet

In memory of MARGRAT WAITE who died 14th November 1825 aged 68 years.

Wife of PETER NISBET late tenant in Swinton Hill who died 13th February 1835 aged 66 years. 

Swinton Section A – 37 – Robertson/Nisbet

Erected by ALEXANDER ROBERTSON joiner Swinton in memory of son ALEXANDER who died 4th April 1885 aged 6 years. Also the above ALEXANDER ROBERTSON who died 12th September 1876 aged 73 years. Also wife MARGARET NISBET who died 23rd February 1879 aged 77 years. 

Swinton Section A – 39 – Buchanen/Jeffrey/Banks/Heatlie

In memory of WILLIAM BUCHANEN late schoolmaster in Swinton for 44 years who died 25th June 1814 aged 70 years.

Also wife ISABEL JEFFREY who died 12th March 1836 aged 77 years.

Also daughter JANE who died 1st January 1861 aged 68 years.

Also daughter ISABELLA who died 15th July 1778 aged 82 years.

Also daughter MARGARET (wife of ARCHIBALD BANKS) who died 23rd February 1783. Son GEORGE died 2nd January 1786 aged 85 years.


On rear

MARGARET HEATLIE spouse of WILLIAM BUCHANEN schoolmaster of Swinton who died 9th January 1779 aged 34 years. Also son WILLIAM BUCHANEN who died 20th August 1775 aged 6 months. Also son JOHN died 18th November 1791 aged 14 months.  

(assumed that Buchanen is today's Buchanan)

Swinton Section A – 41 – Trotter

Erected by ELIZABETH TROTTER in memory of her sister ALISON TROTTER who died Swinton Mill Dec 1879 aged 58 years.

The headstone is difficult to read these days.

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