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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Swinton Section A – 13 – Logan/Oliver/Tailor (Taylor)

In memory of ELIZABETH LOGAN wife of JOHN OLIVER who died 26th July 1836 aged 32 years.

Also the above JOHN OLIVER who died 14th January 1843 aged 40 years.

Son THOMAS 21st May 1842 aged 3 years. Second son THOMAS 9th May 1843 aged 7 months.


On rear

WILLIAM OLIVER mason who died 10th October 1809 aged 33 years.

Also wife MARY TAILOR who died 9th July 1839 aged 77 years.

Also son THOMAS who died 24th September 1841 aged 41 years.  

Swinton Section A – 15 – Kelso/Gray/Spence

In memory of EBENEZER KELSO who died 11th January 1814 aged 61 years. Also his spouse CHRISTIAN GRAY who died 17th January 1820 aged 62 years. Also son DAVID who died 24th January 1871 aged 75 years. Also his wife MARGARET SPENCE who died 9th April 1876 aged 71 years. Also daughter AGNES who died at Whitsome 9th April 1898 aged 77 years.

Swinton Section A – 16 – Moffat/Young/Smith

Erected by WILLIAM MOFFAT in memory of wife CATHERINE YOUNG who died 6th April 1827 aged 31 years. Also his daughter CATHERINE 10th May 1828 aged 14 months. Also the above WILLIAM MOFFAT who died 2nd April 1887 aged 82 years. Also wife ISABELLA SMITH who died 9th October 1885 aged 77 years.

Swinton Section A – 17 – Ford/Henderson

Erected by ALEXANDER FORD in memory of son JOHN who died 8th March 1837 aged 8 years. Three children died in infancy: son WILLIAM 16th January 1845 aged 9 years. Daughter JANE 28th June 1859 aged 7 years. Also wife JANE HENDERSON who died 15th May 1876 aged 68 years. Second son JOHN died 29th October 1884 aged 38 years. Also the above ALEXANDER FORD who died 31st July 1891 aged 85 years. 

Swinton Section A – 18 – Spence/Kerr/Simpson/Ker/Wood

Erected by THOMAS SPENCE in memory of children. MARY who died 21st February 1845 aged 14 months. JANE 3rd July 1852 aged 2 years. ALEXANDER 6th july 1852 aged 4 years. ROBERT 15th July 1852 aged 7 years. Also wife HELEN KERR 28th December 1877 aged 59 years. Also the above THOMAS SPENCE who died at Swinton 7th June 1898 aged 79 years. Also youngest daughter JANE wife of ALEXANDER SIMPSON 4th May 1924 aged 66 years. Also the above ALEXANDER SIMPSON died at Swinton 22nd September 1926 aged 70 years.

on rear

JOHN KER son of ALEXANDER KER feuar in Swinton who died 14th July 1780 aged 9 months. AGNESS GRAY 10th June 1790 76 years. MARGARET KER 10th April 1812 aged 59 years. Also spouse of the above ALEXANDER KER who died 9th April 1823 aged 70 years. Also his wife MARY WOOD who died 24th April 1870 aged 87 years.




Swinton Section A – 19 – Gray/Archbald/Johnson

In memory of THOMAS GRAY late mason and feuar in Swinton who died 17th May 1802 aged 73 years. Also spouse BETTY ARCHBALD who died 18th February 1804 aged 71 years.

On rear

In memory of AGNES JOHNSON who died 3rd October 1808 aged 18 months daughter of JOHN JOHNSON


Swinton Section A – 20 – Johnstone/hamilton/Smyth

Erected by their son in loving memory of ISABELLA JOHNSTONE wife of ROBERT HAMILTON who died at Swinton Bridgend 3rd August 1883 aged 45 years.

Also the above ROBERT HAMILTON who died at Swinton Quarter 18th August 1890 aged 62 years.

Also CAROLINE SMYTH daughter who died at Lochrig 3rd August 1918 aged 55 years.

Swinton Section A – 21 – Purves

In loving memory of CATHERINE the beloved daughter of JAMES and ISABELLA PURVES who died at Swinton Mill 12th October 1885 aged 6 years 9 months. Till to Memory Dear.

Also the above JAMES PURVES Farmer Longbank who died 22nd February 1922 aged 70 years.

Also ISABELLA TAIT his wife who died 28th January 1941 aged 85 years.

Also ISABELLA their daughter who died at Coldstream 21st October 1964 aged 75 years.

Swinton Section A – 22 – Middlemiss/Scott

Erected by THOMAS MIDDLEMISS joiner Swinton in memory of his wife ELIZABETH SCOTT who died 13th December 1845 aged 72 years. Also the above THOMAS MIDDLEMISS who died 2nd May 1857 aged 86 years. Also of their son ROBERT who died 11th May 1870 aged 70 years.

Swinton Section A – 23 – Fairbairn/Ainslie

In memory of ALEXANDRIA FAIRBAIRN daughter to JOHN FAIRBAIRN Swinton who died 16th September 1796 aged 15 months. Also the above JOHN FAIRBAIRN who died 25th January 1849 aged 78 years. Also wife ALISON AINSLIE who died 8th January 1849 aged 75 years. Also daughter JANET who died 10th July 1856 aged 45 years. Also daughter ISABELLA who died 12th July 1869 aged 76 years. 

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