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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Swinton Section A – 2 – Robertson/Pringle

Erected by HENRY ROBERTSON Cooper in Swinton in memory of brother in law HENERY PRINGLE who died 13th May 1822 aged 31 years.

Also grandson WILLIAM ROBERTSON Who died 14th June 1842 aged 16 years.

Also wife MARGARET PRINGLE who died 24th April 1844 aged 60 years.

Also the above HENRY ROBERTSON who died 6th January 1862 aged 84 years. 

Swinton Section A – 3 – Johnston/Scott/Ford

Erected by JAMES JOHNSTON in memory of son JOHN who died 5th October 1848 aged 19 years.

Also his daughter ELIZABETH who died  March 1867 aged 45 years.

daughter HELEN wife of THOMAS SCOTT who died 2nd September 1870 aged 35 years.

Also wife ELIZABETH FORD who died 11th March 1875 aged 76 years.

the above JAMES JOHNSTON who died 5th October 1885 aged 85 years.

Also son THOMAS died 24th November 1903 aged 63 years.

Also daughter MARY who died 8th April 1904 aged 72 years.

Also the above THOMAS SCOTT who died at Greatridge Hall 16th June 1907 aged 76 years.

Swinton Section A – 4 – Blackie/Diet/Younger

In memory of WILLIAM BLACKIE who died at Whitsome 14th November 1848 aged 46 years. Also wife ISABELLA DIET who died 11th October 1959 aged 63 years. Also grandchildren WILLIAM YOUNGER who died 20th January 1856 aged 4 years. ELIZABETH YOUNGER who died 8th February 1856 aged 17 months. Also their second son who died 7th June 1864 aged 4 years. Also son THOMAS who died 17th January 1865 aged 4 weeks.

(ie children of ROBERT YOUNGER and ISABELLA BLACKIE - see headstone 5) 

Swinton Church Interior – 5 – Swinton

ARCHIBALD ADAM SWINTON BCS and Captain GEORGE HERBERT TAYLOR SWINTON Bedfordshire Regt. whose self denial brought about repurchase of estate which had been in the possession of the family of Swinton for 800 years.

Swinton Section A – 5 – Blackie/Younger

In loving memory of ISABELLA BLACKIE wife of ROBERT YOUNGER who died 20th November 1897 aged 72 years.

Also the said ROBERT YOUNGER who died 23rd March 1903 aged 79 years.

Also son JOHN who died 14th January 1918 aged 70 years.

Also son JAMES who died 11th March 1931 aged 68 years.

Also  ELIZABETH  dughter of the above ROBERT YOUNGER died died 3rd Feb 1944 in her 87 year.

Swinton Section A – 8 – Scott/Pringle

In memory of MATILDA SCOTT daughter of MARY and ADAM SCOTT who died at East Ord 19th November 1832 aged 40 years. Their grandchildren: ADAM 22nd September 1833 aged 19 years. MARY 25th March 1836 aged 7 years. HELEN 5th April 1836 aged 1 year. HENRY 22nd May 1854 aged 29 years. Also their father ADAM SCOTT who died 13th November 1867 aged 82 years. Also his wife JANE PRINGLE who died 23rd April 1884 aged 99 years. 

Swinton Section A – 9 – Scott/Archer/Crow

Erected by CHARLES SCOTT in memory of wife JANET ARCHER who died 5th April 1849 aged 62 years.

Their children JOHN who died 14th December 1825 aged 13 years.

Second son JOHN 24th July 1833 5 months. ALEXANDER 13th May 1841 aged 13 years. JAMES 13th May 1848 27 years.

CHARLES died in East India 20th April aged 35 years.

Also the above CHARLES SCOTT who died 26th October 1865 aged 83 years.


On rear: ADAM SCOTT who died 23rd September 1804 aged 54 years? Son JAMES 4th March 1777 aged 1 year. JOHN SCOTT who died 3td July 1809 aged 23 years. MARY CROW spouse to the above died 16th January 1830 aged 79 years.  

Swinton Section A – 12 – Moffat/Bogue

Here lies the body of  JOHN MOFFAT who died 23rd October 1781 aged 62 years.

Also spouse MARGARET MOFFAT who died 19th July 1811 aged 96 years.

Also son JOHN MOFFAT  died 3rd November 1829 aged 82 years.

Also his wife JANE BOGUE who died 22nd April 1838 aged 80 years.

On rearere lies the body of H BETTY MOFFAT 14th September 1779 aged 16 years.

Also 2  sons of JOHN MOFFAT junior in Swinton WILLIAM 3 months. JOHN 8 years.  

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