Norham Churchyard

Norham Churchyard from the air. From Tam Carr.

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Norham Churchyard Section A Row 1 – 1 – Rule/Swan

Eredcted in Loving memory of Annie RULE, wife of Frank SWAN died at Sunderland 3rd August 1890 aged 29 years.

Also Hannah daughter of Thomas and Sabina RULE died 14th January 1954 aged 76 tears.

"Thy will be done"

Norham Churchyard Section A Row 1 – 2 – Rule

In loving memory of Thomas RULE who died at Norham 21st November 1908 aged 71 years.

Also Sabina his wife died 7th June 1914 aged 76 years.

Also Mary their daughter died 30th March 1924 aged 54 years.

John Thomas their son died 9th MArch 1929 aged 65 years.

Sabina their daughter died 27th March 1932 aged 60 years.

"At rest"

Julia their daughter died 25th September 1951 aged 75 years.

And Bella their daughter died 29th April 1932 aged 36 years.

Norham Churchyard Section A Row 1 – 4 – Smith

In memory of George SMITH  oldest son of George and Grace Annne SMITH who died at Ancroft 15th day of January 1867 aged 27 years.

James White SMITH their son who died July 25th 1889 aged 47 years.

John SMITH  their son who died February 23rd 1896 aged 42 years.

Norham Churchyard Section A Row 1 – 5 – Smith/Nicholson/White

Sacred to the memory of George SMITH who died at Ancroft 18th January 1869 aged 58 years.

Also Grace Anne wife of the above who died 21st September 1880 aged 69 years.

Also Robert NICHOLSON died at Ladykirk 5th may 1848 aged 3 years, forth son.

also John their third son who died 7th april 1851 aged 7 years.

Mary WHITE eldest daughter died 5th May 1851 aged 3 years.

George eldest son died 25th July 1899 aged 47 years.

John sixth son died 23rd February 1896 aged 42 years.

Also Ann wife of the above John SMITH died 10th November 1933 aged 74 years

Norham Churchyard Section A Row 2 – 4 – Scott

 In loving memory of Easton SCOTT who died at Royalty, 3oth March 1934 aged 69 years.

Also Agnes SCOTT who died 12th July 1932 aged 65 years.

Also Margaret SCOTT who died at Duddo 9th May 1946 aged 74 years.

Also George SCOTT who died 22nd October 1974 aged 77 years.

Norham Churchyard Section A Row 2 – 5 – Scott

In memory of Mary Ann daughter of Easton and MARGARET SCOTT who died at Stotfordhead February 19th 1842 aged 9 years.

Also Mary Ann who died May 6th 1853 aged 8 years.

George their son died at New York, North America 23rd August 1853 aged 23 years.
Stephen their son died 8th January 1855 aged 15 years.

Also the above Easton SCOTT died 8th August 1858 aged 55. William their son died 14th January 1863 aged 21 years.

Also the above Margaret SCOTT who died 20th April 1875 aged 71 years.

Norham Churchyard Section A Row 2 – 6 – Henderson

Erected by William and Jane HENDERSON in memory of George their son who died August 23rd 1862 aged 8 years,

Also William Easton HENDERSON their son who died at Matlock .

The above William HENDERSON  died at Berwick-upon-Tweed •,•, 1806 aged 76 years.

Also the above Jane HENDERSON who died at Norham September 1st aged 64 years.

Norham Churchyard Section A Row 2 – 7 – Holmes/Nicholson/Midler

In loving memory of RALPH who departed this life 1st March 1836 aged 8 years.
ELIZABETH on the 11th aged 11 years.
And FRANCES ELLAN  on the 19th aged 5 years.
The beloved children of WILLIAM and FRANCES  NICHOLSON of Thornton,
Also ISABELLA who died 19th December 1838 aged 3 weeks.
Also WILLIAM NICHOLSON their son who died April 9th 1852 aged 17 years
Also FRANCES HOLMES wife of WILLIAM NICHOLSON who died at Hazelrigg February 27th 1867 aged 69 years. 
And of WILLIAM NICHOLSON her husband who died at the Glebe, lackaob in the County Kildare on 24th June 1882 aged 83 years his having been interred here on the 28th the same month.
BEN their son born April 8th 1831 died January 20th 1833 interred in Cathedral grounds Kildare.

On the reverse of the headstone.
HARRIET died Glebe House Kildare MARY MIDLER died Glebe House Kildare RLIZABETH FRAN  died Portalington October 22nd.

JANE died at Port who died June 14th FRANCES died Portalington December 29th all buried in Cathedral ground.

Norham Churchyard Section A Row 2 – 8 – Dodds/Nicholson

Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM DODDS who died at Muirhouselaw 16th September 1867 aged 69 years.
And of HARRIET NICHOLSON his wife died November 13th 1883 at Ratcleugh Alnwick in her 82nd year.
“Blessed are the dead who die in the lord”

Norham Churchyard Section A Row 3 – 1 – Strother/Hope

Erected by JOSEPH F. And  ALICIA A.H. STROTHER, Norham, in memory of HELEN their daughter born February 15th 1848 died February 27th 1848.
ISABELLA their daughter born June 21st 1868 died July 30th 1862.
Also and Infant Daughter June 21st 1868.
Their daughter ALICIA C. STROTHER died at Sunderland January 14th 1905 in his 80th year.
Also ALICIA AGNES HOPE wife of the above JOSEPH FLRMING STROTHER died at Sunderland February 20th 1919 in her 92nd year.

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