West – Row 4

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West – Row 4 – 1 – Langmack

(top is missing from the headstone) In loving memory of JOHANN HEINRIGH LANGMACK born 18 November 1836 died 3rd April 1883. Erected by his daughter ABEL LANGMACK FORD Coldstream.

On the north side of the headstone 

In loving memory of MAX LANGMACK born 14 July 1909 died 28 March 1930.

West – Row 4 – 2 – Houlison/Elliot/Thomson

Erected by JANET HOULISTON in memory of her husband WILLIAM ELLIOT Cabinetmaker Coldstream who died 14th June 1886 aged 39 years Also MARY ANN the daughter died 7 May 1883 age 3 months.

Also of her mother JANET THOMPSON who died 18th September 1889 aged 61 years.

Also of her father ALEX HOULISTON who died 22 February 1899 age 72 years.

‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord’.

West – Row 4 – 4 – Ferguson/Johnston

Erected by ANDREW FERGUSON Mason Coldstream in memory of GEORGE his son who died 1st September 1859 aged 2 years. Also MARGARET his daughter who died in infancy. Also ROBERT his son who died 17 August 1883 aged 29 years. Also JANET JOHNSTON his wife who died 6 April 1885 aged 61 years. Also the above ANDREW FERGUSON who died 9th February 1900 aged 81 years. Also MARY his daughter who died 17 May 1938 in her 92nd year.

West – Row 4 – 5 – Wight/Dickson

Small cross – Erected in memory of our dearest sister ELIZABETH WIGHT who died at Skathmuir 20th April 1921. Also her dear husband ROBERT DICKSON who died at Cottage Hospital 3rd Dec 1920.

West – Row 4 – 7 – Murray/Sligh

In loving memory of MARGARET B. MURRAY beloved wife of DAVID SLIGH who died at Coldstream 28th March 1884 aged 27 years. Also the above DAVID SLIGH who died at Ford 10th October 1920 aged 63 years.

West – Row 4 – 8 – Hogg/Scott

In affectionate remembrance of JEANIE daughter of ARCHIBALD and MARY HOGG who died 29th March 1884 aged 7 years and 11 months.

Also ARCHIE their son who died 18 March 1886 aged 6 years 9 months

Also the above ARCHIBALD HOGG who died 11th January 1907 aged 63 year

Also MARY SCOTT wife of the above who died 25th March 1916 aged 75 years.

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