West – Row 3

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West – Row 3 – 1 Wilson

Erected by JANE WILSON in memory of her husband RICHARD WILSON who died 29th November 1889 aged 34 years. Also JANE her daughter who died 11th December 1887 aged 8 years. Also the above JANE WILSON who died 22nd March 1908 aged 52 years. Also their son  Private JOHN WILSON 2nd K.O.S.B. killed in action in Belgium 4th October 1917 aged 32 years.

West – Row 3 – 2 – Bell

(This headstone is in the trees) Erected by ALEXr BELL in memory of his son ALEXr who died Jan 26th June 1853 aged 11 months. Also of the above ALEX BELL who died at Coldstream 8 August 1882 aged 58 years. Also HELEN his wife who died on the 18th May 1897 aged 74 years.

West – Row 3 – 3 – Allison

In loving memory of GEORGE ALLISON who died at Coldstream 12th April 1901 aged 86 years. Also WILLIAM his son died 9th February 1882 aged 3 months.

West – Row 3 – 4 – Reid/Scott

Erected by ELIZABETH REID in memory of ANDREW SCOTT her husband who died 26th May 1883 aged 53 years. Also MARY their daughter who died 3rd February 1882 aged 20 years. Also ELIZABETH their daughter who died 31st August 1863 aged 3 years. Also the above ELIZABETH REID who died 29th May 1903 aged 79 years. Also WILLIAM their son who died 10th March 1937 aged 80 years.

West – Row 3 – 5 – Huggan/Ormiston

Erected by JAMES HUGGAN in memory of his wife JESSIE ORMISTON who died at  Crooks November 21st 1881 aged 58 years. Also ANDREW his son died at Coldstream 28th August 1863 aged 22 months. Also his grandson who died in infancy.

West – Row 3 – 6 – Robson/Ternent

Erected by MARY ANN ROBSON in loving memory of GEORGE TERNENT her husband who died 23 Jan 1918 aged 79 years. Also MARY ANN ROBSON wife of the above GEORGE TERNENT “Late gas manager Coldstream” who died 4th February 1925 aged 82 years.  Also their son GEORGE who died in Edinburgh 14th May 1937 aged 71 years.

West – Row – 3 – 7 – Thompson/Watson

Erected by ADAM THOMPSON the Hirsel in memory of his daughter MARION wife of RICHARD WATSON who died at Coldstream 14th July 1881 aged 27 years.

“She was beloved of all and cut down as a flower”

Also DOROTHY DUNN wife of ADAM THOMPSON who died at Quarry house Hirsel 9th May 1892 aged 68 years. “The Lords will be done”

Also GEORGINA THOMPSON his Grand Daughter who died 26th March 1896 age 15 years. Asleep in Jesus.

Also the above ADAM THOMPSON who died 21st July 1904 aged 81 years. “Beloved by all”

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