West – Row 28

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Row 28 – 1 – Hardie/Currie/Train

In loving memory of EUPHEMIA HARDIE who died 2nd February 1914 aged 44 years.

Also ALEXANDER TRAIN husband of the above who died 4th November 1937 aged 75 years.

Also ELIZABETH ANN CURRIE wife of above who died 21st November 1949 aged 76 years. ELIZABETH BRUCE TRAIN daughter of EUPHEMIA and ALEXANDER died 17th November 1980 aged 81 years.

West Row 28 – 2 Sellar

Headstone is a cross 

JANET ANNE SELLAR born 10th June 1860 died 5th March 1914 wife of PATRICK SELLAR.

PATRICK PLENDERLEATH SELLAR their son born 25th March 1897 died 26th February 1914.

North side

 WALTER CARRUTHERS SELLAR their son born 27th December 1898 died 11th June 1951.

West Row 28 – 3 Gray/Walker

In affectionate remembrance of my dear wife ISABELLA JACKS GRAY who died at Milne Graden East Mains 11th March 1914 aged 23 years.

Also DOROTHY WALKER wife of WILLIAM GRAY who died 20th August 1920 aged 26 years

West Row 28 – 4 Forbes/Turnbull

Erected by JOHN FORBES Farmer Georgefield in loving memory of HELEN his daughter born 28th May 1876 died 26th June 1914.

Also JOHN his son born 23rd January 1872 interred at Niagrafalls U.S.A.

Also the above JOHN FORBES who died at Georgefield 24th June 1920 aged 76 years.

Also AGNES TURNBULL his wife died 4th June 1924 aged 72 years.

Also WILLIAM their son died 27th May 1932 aged 53 years.

West Row 28 – 5 McDougal/Meikle/McAlpine

In loving memory of JOHN McDOUGAL Merchant Coldstream who died 17th August 1914 aged 63 years.

Also ALEXANDER ERNEST Lieut. 10/11th H.L.I. younger son of the above wounded at Bullecourt died in hospital Rouen 20th February 1918 aged 28 years. Buried in St Server cemetery Rouen.

Also ROBERT elder son of the above who died 7th April 1924 aged 44 years.

Also MARY MEIKLE wife of the above JOHN McDOUGAL who died 22nd June 1938 aged 89 years.

Also AGNES ANNABELLA McALPINE daughter of the above JOHN McDOUGAL who died 31st May 1959 aged 72 years.

West Row 28 – 6 – Smith

Erected by WILLIAM SMITH in loving memory of ANDREW his son who died 29th November 1914 aged 6 years.

Also his son WILLIAM LANDELS who died 4th March 1930 aged 16 years.

Also the above WILLIAM SMITH who died 18th December 1949 aged 71 years.

Also his wife MARY SMITH who died 10th February 1969.

West Row 28 – 7 Craw/Anderson/Stewart

Erected by JOHN and AGNES CRAW in loving memory of AGNES their daughter who died 23rd December 1914 aged 34 years.

Also her husband ARCHIBALD ANDERSON  L / Corpl MT. A.S.C. who died at Salonica 3rd December 1917 aged 37 years.

Also the above JOHN CRAW who died 11th February 1926 aged 78 years.

Also AGNES STEWART his wife who died 20th September 1929 aged 81 years.

Also HELEN their daughter who died 3rd March 1957 aged 74 years.

Also WILLIAM ARCHIBALD ANDERSON son of ARCHIBALD and AGNES ANDERSON who died 26th June 1994 aged 85 years.

West Row 28 – 8 Hall/Russell

Bit missing in the middle –

In loving memory of MAGGIE beloved daughter of ADAM and REBECCA  HALL who died 23rd February 1915 at Milne Graden West Mains aged 23 years

Also REBECCA  RUSSELL wife of ADAM HALL who died 25th October 1931 aged 72 years.

Also WILLIAM RUSSELL HALL their son who died 8th November 1921 aged 27 years. Interred at Whiteside.

West Row 28 – 9 Reid/Carmichael

In loving memory of HELEN REID died 10th March 1953 aged 59 years.

And of her husband ARTHUR JOHN CARMICHAEL died 31st October 1960 aged 70 years.

And of their sons ROBERT,  GEORGE, ALEXANDER and JOSEPH who died in infancy.

West Row 28 – 10 Mitchell/Morton

In loving memory of JAMES MITCHELL my husband who died 23rd January 1927 aged 55 years.

Also JAMES their son who was killed in France 19th July 1916 aged 20 years.

Also MARGARET MORTON their daughter who died 9th July 1915 aged 6 1/2 years.

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