West – Row 27

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West – Row 27 – 1 Gibb

Erected by ANDREW GIBB in memory of his wife JANE IRVINE who died at Kelso 23rd November 1941 aged 58 years.

Also his son ALEXANDER (SANDY) killed by enemy action 18th November 1940 in his 22nd year interred in Kelso Cemetery.

Also his daughter JANE who died in infancy.

Also the above ANDREW GIBB who died 13th May 1945 aged 64 years.

West Row 27 – 3 Scott/Walker

Erected by ISABELLA  HUNTER SCOTT in loving memory of GEORGE WALKER her husband who died at Coldstream 1st January 1915 aged 62 years.

Also the above ISABELLA  HUNTER SCOTT who died 2nd August 1923 aged 72 years.

West Row 27 – 4 Porteous/Forrest

Free from base –

In loving memory of ANDREW MATHER PORTEOUS beloved husband of MARGARET FORREST, Solicitor and Town Clerk of Coldstream 1902-1940 died 2nd July 1940 aged 71 years.

Also their younger daughter JANE DOROTHY died 26th October 1913 aged 5 1/2 years.

Also the above MARGARET FORREST DIED 8TH December 1962 aged 9 years.

Also younger son ANDREW MATHER PORTEOUS died 2nd March 1965 aged 61 years.

West Row 27 – 5 Hunter/Laidlaw

In loving memory of JAMES HUNTER who died at Todhillrig 28th August 1913 aged 62 years.

Also CATHERINE LAIDLAW wife of the above who died at Todhillrig 10th January 1920 aged 66 years.

Also MARY their daughter who died at Todhillrig 30th Sept 1935 aged 50 years.

Also GEORGE their son who died at Todhillrig 2nd September 1952 aged 77 years.

Also ELIZABETH STANLEY second daughter of the above JAMES HUNTER died 24th January 1959 aged 75 years.

West Row 27 – 6 Rutherford/White

Erected by GEORGE C. RUTHERFORD in loving memory of his wife SARAH WHITE who died 24th September 1914 aged 43 years. Also JANETTA their daughter who died 16th August 1913 aged 12 years. Also GEORGINA TODD his wife who died 23rd October 1953 aged 77 years. Also the above GEORGE C. RUTHERFORD who died 24th February 1960 aged 88 years. Also WILLIAM his son who died 19th November 1981 aged 83 years. And JANE PAXTON wife of the above WILLIAM who died 14th May 1982 aged 81 years.

West Row 27 – 7 Cairns/Mackay

In loving memory of WILLIAM R. CAIRNS who died 19th March 1924 aged 58 years. Also his wife MARGARET MACKAY who died 19th August 1944 interred at York.

West Row 27 – 8 Halliday/Hermiston

Sacred to the memory of JANET HALLIDAY wife of WILLIAM HERMISTON who died at Coldstream 27th January 1915 aged 61 years. Also private MARK HERMISTON 4th Battalion K.O.S.B. only son of above who was posted missing. So passed into sacred silence at Arras France 3rd May 1917. Also the above WILLIAM HERMISTON who died at Coldstream 10th May 1921 aged 75 years

West Row 27 – 9 Carmichael/McDougal

In memory of JOHN CARMICHAEL Coldstream born 9th September 1849 died 2nd June 1913. Also his daughter ETHEL MARY born 21st July 1885 died at Coldstream 1st July 1930. Also his wife MARY StCLAIR McDOUGALL born 7th December 1856 died 16th May 1932. Also his daughter EDITH HELEN born 18th October 1886 died 22nd August 1932.

West Row 27 – 10 Scott/Beadlien

Erected by WALTER SCOTT in memory of his daughter RACHEL NELSON SCOTT who died at Coldstream 28th January 1913 aged 14 years. Also his wife ELEANOR BEADLIEN who died 27th April 1940 aged 73 years. Also the above WALTER SCOTT who died 2nd December 1945 aged 88 years. Also his daughter ELEANOR BEADLIEN SCOTT who died 18th June 1974 aged 69 years. Also his eldest daughter MARGARET LANG SCOTT who died 17th January 1976 aged 74 years. Also his son JOHN SCOTT died 29th March 1983 aged 82 years.

West Row 27 – 11 Kerse/Waugh

In memory of JAMES KERSE Fisherman to the Earl of Home on Upper Birgham water who died 13th May 1912 aged 51 years. Also his wife AGNES WAUGH who died  9th December 1942 aged 77 years. Also JOHN their eldest son who died 8th October 1947 at Coldstream Farm Muntadgin West Australia aged 58 years.

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