West – Row 26

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West Row 26 – 1 Lawrie

In loving memory of WILLIAM JAMES Eldest son of JAMES and JANE LAWRIE Coldstream who died at South Shields 20th July 1909 in his 19th year.

Also the above JAMES LAWRIE who died at Coldstream 21st May 1938 in his 81st  year.

Also the above JANE LAWRIE who died at Coldstream 26th May 1961 in her 95th year.

West Row 26 – 2 Fairbairn/Tait

Erected by RALPH FAIRBAIRN Feuar, Coldstream in memory of JESSIE TAIT his wife who died at Coldstream 10th April 1910 aged 70 years.

Also MARGARET ANN their daughter who died 6th April 1930 aged 52 years.

Also the above RALPH FAIRBAIRN who died 14TH August 1931 aged 84 years.

West Row 26 – 3 Hewitt/Rutherford

In loving memory of MARGARET daughter of JAMES HEWITT who died 22nd March 1934 aged 7 years and 8 months.

Also his sons JAMES and PETER who died in infancy. Also the above JAMES HEWITT who died 12th December 1934 aged 64 years.

Also his wife ELIZABETH YOUNG RUTHERFORD who died 13th August 1942 aged 57 years.

Also their son A/C 1st Class JAMES WILLIAM HEWITT RAF killed near Sumatra 18th September 1944 aged 24 years

West Row 26 – 4 Liddle/Young/Romanes

Erected by MARY LIDDLE in loving memory of her mother MARY LIDDLE who died 26th July 1910 aged 75 years.

Also ROBERT LIDDLE her grandfather and MARGARET YOUNG his wife.

Also her husband ALEXANDER ROMANES who died at Galashiels 27th August 1931.

West Row 26 – 5 Fox/Tully

Erected by JOHN FOX in loving memory of his wife JANET TULLY who died at the White Swan Inn Coldstream 28th Sept 1910 aged 89 years.

Also the above JOHN FOX who died at Morbattle 16th November 1931 aged 85 years.

West Row 26 – 6 Bell

Collapsed and in a poor state; relying on 1995 inscription reading.

Erected by ROBERT HUME BELL the Hirsel In loving memory of his wife who died 11th April 1911 aged 80 years.

Also the above ROBERT HUME BELL died 25th March 1914 aged 83 years.

West Row 26 – 7 Falconer/Matthew/Galbraith

In loving memory of JANE ANN MUNRO FALCONER beloved wife of PETER MATTHEW Wark who died 1st February 1943 aged 74 years.

Also NELLIE FALCONER their daughter aged 9 months.

Also MAGGIE FALCONER their daughter aged 4 months.

Also the above PETER MATTHEW who died 31st January 1953 aged 82 years.

Also JESSIE PATIENCE their daughter who died 7th December 1980 aged 81 years. Beloved wife of the late ABRAHAM GALBRAITH.

West Row 26 – 8 Brydon/Bannerman

Erected by DAVID BRYDON in loving memory of his beloved wife ELIZABETH BANNERMAN who died at the Hirsel 6th February 1912 aged 60 years.

Also their son WILLIAM who died at sea and was buried at Shanghai China 19th October 1900 aged 23 years.

Also JAMES their second son who died at Montreal 7th May 1916 aged 41 years.

Also the above DAVID BRYDON who died at the Hirsel 28th July 1916 aged 74 years.

Also ELIZABETH their second daughter who died 26th December 1954 aged 67 years.

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