West – Row 25

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West Row 25 – 1 Allan/Gray

Erected by ELIZA ALLAN in loving memory of my dear husband HENRY GRAY who died at Easter Softlaw 2nd October 1919 aged 64 years.

Also HELEN my daughter who died at Skathmuir 24th September 1908 aged 23 years.

Also the above ELIZA  ALLAN who died at Darnchester 1st February 1933 aged 72 years.

West Row 25 – 2 Dickson/Matthew

In memory of GEORGE DICKSON who died 20th October 1908 aged 72 years.

Also HELEN MATTHEW his wife who died 12th  April 1929 aged 86 years

West Row 25 – 3 Cockburn/Brown

Erected by ISABELLA  COCKBURN in loving memory of WILLIAM BROWN her husband who died at Whitsome East Newton 16th April 1910 aged 37 years.

Also THOMAS GEORGE their son who died 13th November 1908 aged 8 months.

Also the above ISABELLA COCKBURN who died at Duns 24th March 1950 aged 73 years.

West Row 25 – 4 Carlisle/Wilson/Bird

In loving memory of GEORGE CARLISLE Merchant Coldstream who died 3rd  December 1908  aged 62 years. JANET TURNBULL WILSON wife of the above died 22nd  September 1921 aged 76 years.

Also of HELEN BAIRD and her twin brother, children of the above who died in infancy.

West Row 25 – 5 Thomson/Wood

In loving memory of JAMES THOMSON who died 21st January 1909 aged 71 years.

Also ELIZABETH WOOD his wife who died 28th December 1923 aged 79 years.

West Row 25 – 6 Dickson/Smail

Sacred to the memory of ROBERT DICKSON who died 25th March 1912 aged 71 years.

Also ELIZABETH SMAIL his wife who died 15th April 1909 aged 68 years.

Also ANN their daughter who died 23rd December 1940.

West Row 25 – 7 Scott/Cant/Lindsay

Erected by ISABELLA SCOTT in memory of ISABELLA LEES CANT their grand daughter who died 25th November 1918 aged 12 years.

Also DAVID CANT their son in law who died 13th January 1913 aged 37 years.

Also AGNES LINDSAY their daughter and wife of the above who died at Jarrow 2nd November 1918 aged 38 years.

West Row 25 – 8 McNay/Austin

Erected by WILLIAM McNAY in loving memory of his son JOHN AUSTIN who died at Coldstream 12th June 1909 aged 15 years.

Also the above WILLIAM McNAY died 14th October 1918 aged 58 years.

Also MARGARET ISABEL his daughter who died 22th November 1922 aged 17 years.

West Row 25 – 9 Hepburn/Kerse/Scott-Findlay

In memory of WILLIAM HEPBURN M.P.C.V.S. Coldstream died 15th June 1909 aged 55 years.

Also WILLIAM M.P.C.V.S. son of above died in Mandalay Burmah  10th November 1916 aged 36 years.

Also GEORGE second son of the above died 27th August 1932 aged 48 years.

Also MARY KERSE beloved wife of the above WILLIAM HEPBURN Sen. Died 17th March 1937 aged 77 years.

Also JOHN third son of the above and beloved husband of ANNIE BOAD McINDOE died 13th March 1946 aged 52 years.

Also ROBERT KIRKE fourth son of the above and beloved husband of IRMA SCOTT-FINDLAY died 25th March 1946 aged 50 years.

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