West – Row 24

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West Row 24 – 2 Wallace/Clark

In loving memory of BARBARA WALLACE beloved wife of ALEXANDER CLARK who died 10th March 1907 aged 68 years.

Also the above ALEXANDER CLARK who died 13th December 1929 aged 86 years.

Also their daughter MARGARET who died 17th December 1949.

West Row 24 – 3 – Kennedy

In loving memory of HARRIETT wife of JOHN KENNEDY died 18th March 1956 aged 71 years.

Also their children JAMES died 8th March 1913 aged 3 years 5 months, MARION died in infancy.

Also the said JOHN KENNEDY died 28th February 1963 aged 78 years.

West Row 24 – 4 Sinclair

Small cross 

In peace ISABELLA SINCLAIR born 1889 died April 1907

“This sone is now brocken” Feb 2015″

West Row 24 – 5 Fairbairn/Liddle

Erected by MARY FAIRBAIRN in loving memory of THOMAS LIDDLE her husband who died 20th May 1907 aged 38 years.

(This headstone has the name ‘Smith’ on the base, presumably the stone mason)

West Row 24 – 6 Stoker/Darling

In loving memory of MARY STOKER wife of WILLIAM STARLING Coldstream who died 22nd October 1907 aged 81 years.

Also the above WILLIAM STARLING who died 13th January 1912 aged 84 years.

West Row 24 – 7 Shiel/Mosssman

In loving memory of WILLIAM SHIEL who died at Lennel Hill 13th December 1907 aged 63 years.

Also his wife MARGARET MOSSMAN who died 1st October 1921 aged 73 years.

Also their family ALEXANDER who died at Fishwick 1885

JAMES who died at Hilton 24th January 1896 ISABELLA who died at Harelaw 15th January 1919 MARY who died Herriot Bank 1920.

MARGARET and ROBERT who died in infancy at Fairlaw.

WILLIAM died 27th August 1942 interred in The Dean Cemetery Edinburgh, HELEN died 25th June 1945, CATHERINE died 225th November 1960. Jane died 13th February 1961.

West Row 24 – 8 Forbes/Brydon/Fox

In memory of CECILIA  FORBES dearly beloved wife of WILLIAM BRYDON died 4th May 1908 aged 33 years.

Also the above WILLIAM BRYDON died 9th May 1954 aged 82 years.

And GEORGINA  FOX his beloved wife died 18th July 1957 aged 80 years.

Also CECILIA daughter of the above CELIA and WILLIAM BRYDON died 15th January 1979 aged 79 years.

West Row 24 – 9 Gibson/Wright/Rutherford

This is a fallen headstone 

In memory of JOHN GIBSON who died 1st June 1908 aged 78 years

Also RACHEL WRIGHT his wife who died 13th July 1915 aged 88 years

Also GEORGE WRIGHT GIBSON who died 22nd January 1951 aged 90 years.

And HELEN RUTHERFORD his wife who died 26th March 1956 in her 86th year.

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