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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West Row 17 – 1 Cockburn/Compton/Moffat

Erected by PETER COCKBURN Coldstream in memory of HELEN COMPTON his wife who died 7th February 1896 aged 56 years.

Also the above PETER COCKBURN who died at Fallside Hill 8th March 1920 aged 76 years.

Also JANET MOFFAT wife of WILLIAM COCKBURN who died at Newcastle on Tyne 23rd September 1938 aged 64 years.

West Row 17 – 2 Weatherson/Brown

In loving memory of THOMAS WEATHERSON who died 3rd September 1929 aged 55 years.

Also his daughter who died in infancy.

Also his wife CHRISTINA THOMPSON BROWN who died 21st May 1951 in her 73rd year.

Also their son THOMAS died 15th March 1979 aged 81 years.

And their daughter HELEN who died 29th March 1992 aged 91 years.

West Row 17 – 3 Renwick/Cockburn/Hay/Davidson

Erected by JANE RENWICK in memory of ALEXANDER COCKBURN her husband who died 27th November 1908 aged 76 years.

Also of the above JANE RENWICK who died 3rd January 1913 aged 77 years.

Also SARAH DAVISON his sister who died 22nd January 1896 aged 68 years.

Also ANN COCKBURN wife of JAMES HAY who died 23rd June 1913 aged 53 years.

Also the above JAMES HAY who died 6th September 1917 aged 59 years.

West Row 17 – 4 Aitchison/Greenlaw

In memory of our dear mother ISABELLA GREENLAW who died 7th December 1879 aged 47 years.

Also our dear father ROBERT AITCHISON who died 6th March 1899 aged 65 years.

Also JOHANN AITCHISON their niece who died 2nd January 1896 aged 1 year and 11 months.

West Row 17 – 5 Hunter/Ford

In loving memory of JAMES HUNTER who died at Coldstream 5th January 1926 aged 38 years.

And JEAN CRANSTON FORD his wife who died at Coldstream 14th April 1971.

West Row 17 – 6 Downie

Erected by CATHERINE DOWNIE in memory of JAMES DOWNIE her husband who died at the Hirsel 7th May 1895 aged 59 years.

Also the above CATHERINE DOWNIE who died 11th July 1905 aged 64 years.

Also ISABELLA their daughter who died at Edinburgh 10th April 1945 aged 76 years.

West Row 17 – 7 Trotter/Mitchell

. (Surrounded by bush)

Erected by JAMES TROTTER In memory of MARION MITCHELL his beloved wife who died at Lennel Hill 6th April 1895 aged 40 years.

Also ELLEN his daughter who died in infancy.

Also the above JAMES TROTTER who died at  Wark on the 9th October 1904 aged 49 years.,

West Row 17 – 8 Hardie/Lillico

In loving memory of MAY HARDIE 2ND daughter of JOHN and JANET LILLICO who died 24th December 1926 aged 26 years.

Also the above JANET LILLICO who died 20th January 1943.

Also the above JOHN LILLICO who died at Galashiels 3rd June 1953.

West Row 17 – 9 – Cameron

(This is a fallen headstone and the heart is broken)

Flat heart shaped stone DONALD CAMERON died 31st March 1895 aged 3 weeks.

West Row 17 – 10 – Simpson/Hay

In loving memory of JOHN SIMPSON eldest son of JAMES and JANET SIMPSON who died at Coldstream 27th March 1895 aged 37 years.

Also JANET HAY beloved wife of JAMES SIMPSON who died at Coldstream 23rd January 1907 aged 68 years.

Also the above JAMES SIMPSON who died 16th March 1924 aged 84 years.

Also DAVID 4th son of the above who died 10th February 1941 aged 60 years.

West Row 17 – 11 – Hotham/Milne-Home

To the memory of MARGARET wife of Admiral of the Fleet Sir CHARLES HOTHAM G.C.B. G.C.V.O Daughter of DAVID MILNE HOME of Milne Graden born 2nd April 1837 died 25th May 1918.

And his wife GLADYS MARY HOTHAM born 13th April 1880 died 12 February 1972.

South side of monument

And of her younger son Admiral Sir ALLAN JEFFREY HOTHAM KCMG, CB borm 3rd October 1875 died 10th July 1965. North side of monument 

And of her elder son JOHN BEAUMONT HOTHAM of Milne Graden born 15th September 1874 died 13th December 1924.

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