West – Row 14

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West Row 14 – 1 Wilson/Cromar

Erected by JAMES S. WILSON in loving memory of ANNIE G. CROMAR his wife who died at Willington Quay 16th October 1896 aged 37 years and interred here.

Also ALEXANDER CROMAR her brother who died at Coldstream 28th June 1892 aged 57 years.

Also JESSIE WEIR his Mother who died 3rd September 1909 aged 79 years.

Also JAMES WILSON his father who died 13th September 1909 aged 83 years. They were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in death were not divided.

Also the above JAMES S. WILSON who died in Australia aged 78 years.

Also his sister HELEN STENHOUSE WILSON who died at Duns 21st April 1947 aged 83 years.

West Row 14 – 2 Uctor?

Small headstone which is undecipherable. Reads’ …….who died 22 July 1892 aged 58 years ‘….UCTOR.

West Row 14 – 3 Cockburn/Young

Erected by MARGARET COCKBURN in memory of her beloved husband JAMES YOUNG who died at Darnchester 5th December 1892 aged 49 years.

Also WILLIAM youngest son of the above who died at Burnbrae 21st February 1907 aged 21 years.

Also the above MARGARET COCKBURN who died at Eccles 5th January 1914 aged 64 years

Also THOMAS their eldest son who died 2nd June 1932 aged 56 years.

Also their daughter MARY COCKBURN YOUNG who died at Hasingdon. (Latter sentence detached from main headstone).

West Row 14 – 4 Dickson/Raeburn

In loving memory of JOHN DICKSON who was born at Barelees 29th October 1847 and died at Coldstream 11th April 1893

Also JESSIE RAEBURN his wife who died 28th February 1910 aged 70 years.

West Row 14 – 5 White

Small barely readable cross closely placed beside 121

DAVID WHITE born 12th June 1893 died 21 June 1893.

West Row 14 – 6 White/Smith

Erected in loving memory of WILLIAM BENTINCK WHITE agent for Bank of Scotland Forfar who died 5th November 1915 aged 53 years.

Also JANET SMITH beloved wife of above who died 10th January 1948 aged 84 years

And their Daughter JANET SMITH WHITE who died 16th July 1962 aged 67 years.

West Row 14 – 9 /Young

Erected in memory of ALEXANDER YOUNG a native of Forfarshire who died at Ruthven 18th June 1894 aged 22 years.

(Gone but not forgotten)

West Row 14 – 10 – Hermiston/Waite

In loving memory of my Beloved husband WILLIAM HERMISTON who died at the Crooks Cottages 4th Decemeber 1921 aged 63 years.

Also JAMES ALEXANDER son of the above who died 13th February 1921 aged 16 years.

Also CHRISTINA WAITE his wife who died 2nd November 1951 aged 85 years.

And WILLIAM ANDERSON son of the above died 6th April 1988 aged 87 years.

West Row 14 – 11 Stenhouse/Miller

Erected in memory of ALEXANDER MILLER who died at Skaithmuir Toll on April 30th 1894 aged 72 years.

Also FRANCES STENHOUSE wife of the above who died at Spadislee 12th July 1910 aged 86 years.

West Row 14 – 12 Anderson/Winter

Erected by WILLIAM ANDERSON Darnchester in memory of MARY WINTER his wife who died 7th April 1894 aged 50 years.

Also MARY WINTER their daughter who died 6th June 1902 aged 24 years.

Also the above WILLIAM ANDERSON who died at Whitelaw 3rd May 1907 aged 66 years.

West Row 20 – 8 – Hogarth/Brotherston

This headstone is off its hinges.

In loving memory of ANDREW HOGARTH Printer Coldstream who died at Caverton Hillhead Kelso 14th January 1931 aged 62 years.

Also his wife MARGARET BROTHERSTON who died at Galashiels 27th March 1956 aged 86 years.

Also his daughter VICTORIA MARGARET who died at High Street Coldstream 20th May 1898.

Also ANDREW PETER who died 26th November 1937 in his 29th year.

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