West – Row 13

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West Row 13 – 1 Rutherford

Erected by CATHERINE RUTHERFORD to the memory of JANE daughter of WILLIAM RUTHERFORD Blacksmith Kelso who died 14th August 1920 aged 73 years.

West Row 13 – 2 Landreth

In loving memory of CATHERINE ISABELLA beloved daughter of JOHN and JANE LANDRETH who died at Coldstream 12th January 1903 aged 20 years. Also JAMES their son who was killed in action at Ypres 20th September 1917 aged 30 years. Also the above JOHN LANDRETH who died 24th April 1923 aged 78 years. Also the above JANE LANDRETH who died 2nd May 1930 aged 75 years. ‘Asleep in Jesus’.

West Row 13 – 3 Wallace/Hunter

In loving memory of GEORGE WALLACE who died at Coldstream 31st December 1890 aged 72 years.

And of SARAH HUNTER his wife who died at Coldstream 26th April 1870 aged 52 years.

Also MINNIE their grand daughter who died 23rd November 1925 aged 59 years.

West Row 13 – 4 Smith/Cranston

Erected in memory of JAMES SMITH clerk of works who died at Crooks 15th June 1892 aged 74 years.

And of JANE CRANSTON his wife who died 13th January 1917 aged 84 years.

West Row 13 – 5 Middlemiss/Haldane

Erected by JOHN MIDDLEMISS Baker Coldstream in affectionate remembrance of his son WILLIAM HALDANE who died 13th June 1892 aged 13 years.  Also ELIZABETH his daughter who died 6th October 1892 aged 19 years. Also JANE HALDANE his wife who died 3rd December 1921 aged 73 years. Also the above JOHN MIDDLEMISS who died 28th May 1934 aged 88 years.

West Row 13 – 6 Hutchison/Wilson

Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM HUTCHESON late of Ruthven Coldstream who died at Buenos Ayres South America in 1870 aged 34 years. Also of SARAH WILSON his wife who died at Coldstream 25th June 1892 aged 56 years.  And of GEORGE WILLIAM their son who died at Coldstream 23rd April 1892 aged 25 years.

West – Row 13 – 7 – Renton/Kirkwood

Erected by DAVID RENTON in loving memory of MARY KIRKWOOD his wife who died at Torwoodlee on 21st May 1906 aged 49 years.

Also WILLIAM their son who died at Lennel Hill 29th January 1892 aged 17 months.

West Row 13 – 8 – Baxter/Lamb

Erected by CHRISTOPHER BAXTER in memory of his wife JANE LAMB who died at Duns 29th September 1933.

Also the above CHRISTOPHER BAXTER who died at Duns 8th November 1936.

Also their daughter MARGARET who died at Duns 23rd October 1961.

West Row 13 – 9 – Shearer/Purves

In loving memory of JOHN SHEARER beloved husband of ELIZABETH PURVES who died at Northfield St Abbs 18th August 1913 aged 83 years.

Also JESSIE his daughter who died at Skaithmuir 21st December 1891 aged 21 years.

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