West – Row 11

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West – Row 11 – 1 Hood

Erected by THOMAS HOOD Farmer Coldstream Mains In memory of his wife GRACE HOOD who died 14th Nov 1891 in her 72nd year.

Also the above THOMAS HOOD died at Coldstream Mains 23rd August 1901 in his 84th year. KATHARINE daughter of the late JOHN HOOD Fishwick Mains born 1825 died 1898 ISABELLA her sister born 8th November 1815 died 13th June 1904.

West – Row 11 – 2 – Forbes/Hume

Erected by GEORGE FORBES in memory of ELEANOR HUME his wife who died at Georgefield 1st October 1904 aged 65 years Also MARY ANN their daughter who died at Georgefield 21st December 1890 aged 21 years.  Also the above GEORGE FORBES who died 6th November 1909 aged 74 years. Also JOHN his son who died at Earlston 29th January 1920 aged 52 years.


Eleanor was born in Bamburgh

West – Row 11 – 3 – Morgan/Hart

Erected in memory of WILLIAM GODDARD MORGAN who died at Coldstream 29th October 1890 aged 68 years. Also KATE HART his wife who died at Coldstream 21st January 1910 aged 85 years. Also WILLIAM LOGAN their son in law who died at Coldstream 29th December 1914 aged 66 years. Also SARAH and MORGAN their daughter and wife of the above WILLIAM LOGAN who died at Coldstream 6th January 1931 aged 85 years.

West – Row 11 – 4 – Kinghorn/Robertson

Erected by ABRAM KINGHORN in memory of his wife HELEN ROBERTSON who died at Crooks 20th October 1890 aged 44 years. Also ELLEN only daughter of the above who died 5th April 1904 aged 23 years. Also the above ABRAM KINGHORN who died at Birgham 16th March 1913 aged 81 years.

West – Row 11 – 5 – McCall/Donaldson/Patterson

Erected by ANN McCALL in loving memory of her husband WILLIAM DONALDSON who died at Coldstream 16th October 1890 aged 30 years. Also the above ANN McCALL who died 31ST August 1929 aged 74 years. Also AGNES DONALDSON daughter of the above beloved wife of THOMAS PATTERSON builder Swinton who died 18th June 1948 aged 59 years. Also the above THOMAS PATTERSON builder who died at Swinton 28th July 1954 aged 75 years.    

West – Row 11 – 6 – Tait/Wesh/Wood

In memory of ELIZABETH T. TAIT wife of ALEXANDER WELSH Coldstream who died 9th June 1890 aged 38 years. Also of CARRIE B. WOOD his wife born 20 April 1866 Died 8th Feb 1894 Likewise MAY RITCHIE his wife born 7th December 1870 died 17th April 1907.  Also the above ALEXANDER WELSH born 5th October 1848 died 12 April 1923.

West – Row 11 – 7 – Jackson/White/Scott

 Erected by WILLIAM JACKSON the Hirsel in memory of JEANIE WHITE his daughter who died 30th April 1890 aged 65 years. Also JOHN his son who died 11th May 1890 aged 4 years. Also JEANIE WHITE SCOTT beloved wife of WILLIAM JACKSON who died 8th November 1938 aged 79 years. Also the above WILLIAM JACKSON who died 25th April 1939 aged 80 years. Also their son JAMES SCOTT JACKSON who died at 37 Mostyn Avenue Wembley 16TH September 1960 aged 68 years Cremated at Ruislip Crematorium Middx.

West – Row 11 – 8 – Lawson/Tait

Erected to the memory of MARGARET LAWSON wife of JAMES TAIT Coldstream who died at Darnchester on the 17th March 1890 in the 60th year of her age. Also the above JAMES TAIT who died at Castlelaw 7th June 1896 aged 73 years.

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