Middle – Row 9

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Middle – Row 9 – 2 – Kerse/Henderson

Erected by JANET KERSE in affectionate remembrance of her mother JANE KERSE who died at Crooks 8th July 1869 aged 50 years.

Also JANET sister of the above died at Crooks 10th December 1890 aged 84 years.

Also MARGARET KERSE my aunt who died 4th May 1900 aged 89 years.

Also MARY HENDERSON daughter of Janet Kerse of Crooks who died 16th May 1916 aged 85 years.

Middle – Row 9 – 5 – Aitchison/Reid/Johnston

Erected to the memory of HELEN AITCHISON spouse to GEORGE REID tenant in Sunnyside who died 10 June 1823 in the 71st year of her age.

Also JANET REID their daughter spouse to DAVID JOHNSTON who died 6 June 1823 aged 51 years.

Also said GEORGE REID who died 24 October 1827 aged 80 years.

Middle – Row 9 – 6 – Sim/Moscript/Sprot

Erected by JOHN SIM Lennel Newtown in memory of ROBERT SIM his father who died 12 July 1818 aged 84 years.

Also MARGARET MOSCRIPT his mother who died 8 March 1850 aged 81 years.

Also ADAM SIM his brother who died 8 March 1815 aged 10 years.

Also JANET SPROT wife of JOHN SIM died 21 July 1873 aged 77 years.

Also above the above JOHN SIM who died 13 January 1874 aged 76 years.

Middle – Row 9 – 7 – Boston/Wilkinson/Mackintosh

Erected by ROBERT BOSTON in memory of ESTHER his daughter died 22nd November 1883 aged 26 years.

JANE ISABELLA WILKINSON his daughter died 24th March 1884 aged ? WILLIAM his son died 2nd April 1886 aged 33 years.

There is an ablong part halfway down the headstone which is chiselled out.

Also the above ROBERT BOSTON died 21st December 1886 aged 71 years.

Also JAMES his son died 3rd February 1896 aged 49 years.

Also JANET MACKINTOSH wife of the above died 22nd February 1897 aged 74 years.

Also WALTER ROBERT his son who died 29th September 1897 aged 47 years.

Middle – Row 9 – 8 – Matthew/Guthrie

In affectionate remembrance of SARAH the beloved daughter of ARCHIBOLD MATTHEW who died 28th November 1870 aged 4 years. JOHN died 24th February 1879 aged 14 months. MARY died March 13th aged 3 years 5 months.

Also MARGARET GUTHRIE his wife who died 5 May 1915 aged 74 years.

Also THOMAS his son who died 24th May 1918 aged 54 years.

Also the above ARCHIBOLD MATTHEW who died 24th January 1923 aged 89 years.

Also ELIZABETH daughter of the above who died 4th September 1953 aged 87 years.

Middle – Row 9 – 9 – White/Wright/Reid/Braydon

In memory of JOHN WHITE who died 5 June 1840 aged 73 years.

Also MARY his wife who died 19 January 1840 aged 75 years.

(On the rear) In memory of AMELIA REID spouse of JOHN WRIGHT who died 10 April 1790 36 or 56 years.

Also the said JOHN WRIGHT servant to Captain Braydon Lennel died 18 May 1803 aged 48 years. (Note the spelling of Captain Braydon).

The hapy Memory of the Ju? Shall Flourish when he sleeps in us.

Middle – Row 9 – 10 – Carss/Atkin/Kinlay/Atkin

In memory of GAVIN CARSS who died at Coldstream January 12th 1782 aged 80 years.

ALISON his wife died February 6th 1772 aged 70 years.

And ALEXANDER CARSS aged 2 years. Also ELIZABETH and ALISON daughters to JAMES ATKIN who died in infancy.

Also ALISON KINLAY died 29 years (AK part is underground).

Middle – Row 9 – 12 – Brown/Kerse

Erected by MARGARET BROWN in memory of her husband WILLIAM KERSE Mason Coldstream who died 13 January 1869 aged 53 years.

Also the above MARGARET BROWN who died 20th December 1903 aged 77 years.

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