Middle – Row 6

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Middle – Row 6 – 1 – Patterson/Smith

Erected by LEWIS PATTERSON gardener Lennel in memory of  LEWIS his son who died 7th February 1854 aged 3 years.

Also the above LEWIS PATTERSON who died 29th May 1876 aged 54 years.

Also HELEN SMITH his wife who died 28th February 1895 aged 77 years.

Also THOMAS their son who died at Gateshead 24th December 1881 aged 38 years.

Also MARGARET their daughter who died 4th December 1913 aged 65 years.

Also ELIZABETH their daughter who died at Coldstream 23rd May 1921 aged 75 years.

Middle – Row 6 – 2 – Unknown

Headstone about 5 plots in from the road wall. Unable to properly read but following words can be seen: ‘James his son’, ‘Ireland’, ‘1892 aged’, ‘his daughter’

Middle – Row 6 – 3 – Knox/Brown/Reid

Erected by SINCLAIR KNOX in memory of ELIZABETH BROWN his wife who died in Coldstream 6 November 1846 aged 53 years. Also WILLIAM REID her son of the Coldstream Guards died at the Crimea 28 February 1855 aged 33 years.

Middle – Row 6 – 5 – Watson

Erected by WILLIAM WATSON of London in memory of his father JOHN WATSON who died at Coldstream New-town in the year 1815.

Also his mother JANE WATSON who died at 23 May 1833.

I owe thee much thou haste deserved from me far far beyond what I can ever pay. Oft have I proved the labour of thy love and the warm efforts of thy gentle heart.

Middle – Row 6 – 6 – Marjoribanks/Dodds

Erected by ANN MARJORIBANKS in memory of her husband ROBERT DODDS who died at Lennel Newtown 19 July 1853 aged 30 years.

Also the above ANN MARJORIBANKS who died at Lennel Newtown 11 February 1895 aged 71 years.

Middle – Row 6 – 7 – Brown

Headstone difficult to read. In memory of ANDREW BROWN Coldstream died 24 September 1801 aged 41 years.

Also MARGARET BROWN spouse died 11 August 1825 aged 61 years.

Middle – Row 6 – 8 – Cairns/Davidson

RALPH CAIRNS of Cornhill who died March 1847 in hope of a glorious resurrection. Also his wife ELIZABETH DAVIDSON who died in October 1849. Dim faith is now changed to the beautiful vision.

There is also interred in the church yard.

Also JAMES and ALEXANDER BANKS died 1844 and 1849 aged 5 years and 6 years. Also JAMES ALEXANDER died 1949 aged 6 years. (Needs spadework as names below ground).

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