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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

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There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Middle – Row 3 – 1 – Stewart/Cowens

Erected in memory of JAMES STEWART Mason who died at Lennel Newtown 12th October 1867 aged 57 years.

Also AGNES COWENS wife of the above JAMES STEWART who died 4th February 1881 aged 67 years.

Also JANE daughter of above who died 10th January 1895 aged 56 years. Also ADAM son of the above who died Newcastle on Tyne 19th September 1904 aged 64 years.

Also THOMAS son who died Newcastle on Tyne 23rd November 1899 aged 54 years. Also ISABELLA daughter who died Newcastle on Tyne 26th December 1916 aged 64 years.

Also MARGARET daughter of above who died at Lennel 29th June 1922 aged 79 years.

Middle – Row 3 -2 – Stewart

Erected by ALEXANDER STEWART Mason Lennel Newtown in memory of his son ROBERT who died 26th April 1818 aged 15 months.

Also above ALEXANDER STEWART who died at Newcastle on Tyne 1st February 1859 aged 53 years.

Middle – Row 3 – 3 – Hume

Erected by MARGARET HUME in memory of her affectionate husband WILLIAM HUME who died at Coldstream 2nd October 1854 aged 34 years. Also the above MARGARET HUME who died at Coldstream 11th January 1875 aged 55 years.

Middle – Row 3 – 3 – Thomson/Douglas/McClelland

In memory of JAMES THOMSON feuar Orchard House Coldstream who died ??? ? years.

Also BARBARA DOUGLAS niece who died 11th October 1831 aged 26 years.

Also widow BARBARA McCLELLAND who died at Coldstream 3rd June 1833 aged 94 years.

Middle – Row 3 – 4 – Mosman/Young

Erected By ANDREW MOSMAN in memory of ALEXANDER his son who died 6th February 1831 aged 9 months. Also HELLEN YOUNG his wife who died at Stonefold in Parish of Eccles on 5th December 1856 aged 55 years.

Middle – Row 3 – 5 – Matthew/Hardie

1835 - Erected by JOHN MATTHEW Coldstream in memory of ELEANOR JANE and ELISABETH his daughter who died in infancy. Also JOSEPH MATTHEW his son who died at Hirsel 14th April 1914 aged 78 years. And ANN HARDIE his wife who died at Fireburnmill 8th June 1870 aged 30 years.

Middle – Row 3 – 6 – Hogg

The burying place of ALEXANDER HOGG Baker Coldstream. WILLIAM HOGG his son who died 5 March 1810 in infancy. Also AGNES his daughter who died October 28 1813 aged 2 months. Also BARBARA who died 11 November 1817 aged 1 year. Also MARY who died 7 August 1824 aged 5 years. Also JANE who died 5 April 1839 aged 23 years. (On rear) In memory of JAMES HOGG Tinsmith Coldstream who died 6 July 1846 aged 35 years. Also ALEXANDER their son who died 6 February ???? aged 6? Years.

Middle – Row 3 – 7 – Reid/Beveridge

Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM REID 38 years Gardener at Lees who departed this life 18 January 1838 aged 63 years. Also two of his children WILLIAM and MARY who died in infancy. Also HELEN BEVERIDGE his wife who died at Horndendeanbank 24 January 1848 aged 75 years. And CATHERINE REID his grand daughter who died at Lees 30 October 1838 aged 6 years.

Middle – Row 3 – 8 – Hardie/Ledgerwood

Erected in memory of JOHN HARDIE who died 29th November 1868 aged 54 years. Also FRANCIS his wife who died 26th June 1879 aged 61 years, Also ther children HELEN who died 21st March 1857 aged 1 year. Also HELEN who died 13th August 1860 aged 2 years. Also ALEXr who died 29th May 1862 aged 10 months. GEORGE HARDIE whose son JOHN died 24th February 1869 aged 6 years. Also CHRISTINA who died 6 June ? aged 4 years. Also WILLIAM HARDIE in memory of son JOHN who died 23rd October 1877 aged 2 months. Also MARGARET died 11th June 1879 aged 3 years 9 months. Also ABIGAIL LEDGERWOOD his wife died 19th May ? aged 79 years

Middle – Row 3 – 9 – Roebuck/Foster

(Top part of headstone unreadable) (Near the bottom)

Also WILLIAM his son who died 21 December 1842 aged 39 years.

Also JESSICA ROEBUCK wife of the above WILLIAM FOSTER who died 21 April 1886 aged 79 years.

Also JOHN his son who died 10 July 1888 aged 58 years.

Also RICHARD his son who died in Edinburgh 27 April 1893 aged 53 years.

Middle – Row 3 – 11 – Milroy/Weatherhead/Falconer/Fair

Erected to the memory of JANET MILROY wife of ROBERT WEATHERHEAD Merchant Berwick who died May 11 1820 aged forty one years (note written text). As a wife she was amiable and dutiful. And as a mother tender-hearted and affectionate. As a friend she was sincere and faithful. And of their children ROBERT died December 1 1800 aged 8 months. AGNES died August 12 1814 aged 3 years. AGNES died May 1 1818 aged 3 weeks. ROBERT who died March 16 1822 aged 18 years. ISABELLA died February 23 1825 aged 10 years. JANET died July 12 1825 aged 18 years. ANDREW MB HEICS  died at Island of Karrack August 19 1841 aged 56 years. MARGARET died September 26 1845 aged 44 years. (On the rear of above stone). Here lies the remains of ELIZABETH FALCONER second wife of ROBERT WEATHERHEAD late feuar in Coldstream who died August 9th 1819 aged 72 years. Also ROBERT WEATHERHEAD husband of the above who died 31 December 1829 aged 84 years. Also ELISABETH FAIR wife of ROBERT WEATHERHEAD Jnr who died on 17 June 1838 aged 57 years. Also ROBERT WEATHERHEAD late merchant Berwick upon Tweed who died there on 8 July 1868 aged 92 years.

Middle – Row 3 – 12 – Bell/Donaldson/Wrie

(Heavy Flat Stone)

Here on the sowth side of this stone at a small distance lyse the body of JOHN BELL of Rowchester Rig dyd 1 June 1729 aged 55 years.

On his left hand lyes MARGT DONALDSON his spowse died 4 Janwary 1743 aged 77 years.

On his right hand lyes the body of ELIZABETH WRIE relict of CHARLES BELL of Craigfoody who dyed 11 September 1742 aged 62 years.

Wnder this stone lyes the body of GEORGE BELL of Rowchester Rige who dyed 4 October AD 1742 aged 36 years.

At the bottom of the stone was:

His father and his mother dear his brothers and his sisters were buried here

Middle – Row 3 – 13 – Bell

In memory of JOHN BELL of Berwick who died 1st day of May 1803 aged 76 years. Also BETTY BELL sister died 15th March 1808 aged 84 years.

Middle – Row 3 – 14 – Allison/Rannie/Rodger/Pearson

Erected by JOHN ALLISON Coldstream in memory of WILLIAM his son who died 27 January 1851 aged 3 weeks. Also DAVID RANNIE his son who died 9 April 1854 aged 2 years. Also the above JOHN ALLISON for 50 years School Master of Coldstream who died 22 February 1898 aged 78 years. Also MENNIE RODGER his daughter died 21 January 1904 aged 48 years. Also JANET PEARSON his wife who died 12 January 1915 aged 85 years. Also JANET their third daughter who died 5 April 1930 aged 72 years. Also ALICE RANNIE their eldest daughter who died 16 September 1931 aged 77 years.

Middle – Row 3 – 15 – Ferguson/Smith

The tribute of conjugal and filial affection.

Sacred to the dearly cherished memory of JANET FERGUSON wife of ARCHIBALD SMITH Coldstream who departed this life on the 20 August 1847 aged 66 years.

She was a beloved wife and tender and affectionate mother and a meek Christian.

The above ARCHIBALD SMITH who departed this life on 2 May 1865 aged 84 years. A most dearly beloved father and held in great regard by many friends. Also MARGARET SMITH their daughter who died 12 January 1878 aged 67 years.

Also WILLIAM their son who died 3 August 1891 aged 75 years. Also EMILY SOPHIA his wife who died 26 October 1902 aged 83 years.

Also HUGH their son who died 2 November 1902 aged 52 years.

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