Middle – Row 1

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Middle Row 1 – 1 – Anderson/Robertson/Easton

Row 1 and some headstones against the east wall


(Large headstone) –Sacred to the memory of JOHN ANDERSON who died at Coldstream Mains 4th Aug 1889 aged 76 years. Also AGNES ROBERTSON his wife who died 7th April 1889 aged 73 years. Also JOHN his son and AGNES his daughter who died in infancy. Also JANE ROBERTSON his mother in law who died 1st October 1863 aged 62 years. Also ANN ANDERSON who died Coldstream Mains 8th March 1925 aged 76 years. Also JAMES EASTON beloved husband of AGNES ANDERSON who died at Bogend 11th January 1936 aged 55 years. Also JANE EASTON only child of above who died 30th December 1962.


Middle Row 1 -3 – Young/Knox

JAMES YOUNG’s burying place. The said JAMES YOUNG who died 8 September 1831 aged 47 years. Also ELIZABETH (KNOX per D/Register) died at Eccles 9 May 1859 aged 72 years. Also JAMES their son who died 20 May 1851 aged 33 years. Also JOHN their son aged 74 Years. And MARY their daughter aged 62 years. Both died 22 November 1884.

Middle – Row 1 – 4 – Inglis

(Table stone only top part left. Slabs broken lying on top). MARY INGLIS spouse of THOMAS INGLIS Parish Schoolmaster Coldstream aged 62. Said THOMAS INGLIS 27/?/????

Middle – Row 1 – 5 – Kikwood/Kirkwood/Young

Erected by JOHN KIKWOOD (NB should have been Kirkwood as below but leave as original spelling) in memory of ELIZABETH YOUNG his  wife who died 16 Jany 1839 aged 53 years. Also of JAMES their son who died 24 November 1817 aged 1 year. And JAMES son who died 18 October 1828 aged 1 year. Also of the above JOHN KIRKWOOD who died 11 December 1853 aged 79 years.

Middle – Row 1 – 7 – Giustinelli

(Table stone) GIUSEPPI FRANCESCO GIUSTINELLI a native of Orvietta (?) in Italy who died at the Hirsel 30 September 1820 at an advanced age after residence here of nearly half a century. Stone placed here by EARL OF HOME.

Middle – Row 1 – 9 – Bedford/Turnbull/Oliver

Obelisk, just off east wall. JANETTE E. BEDFORD wife of MATTHEW TURNBULL MD Coldstream born 7th March 1828 died 11th December 1857. On the south side . Also SOPHIA OLIVER wife of MATTHEW TURNBULL MD born at Inghen 18th November 1825 died at Coldstream 28th June 1887. On north side - Also ANN BEDFORD her mother died at Coldstream 2nd April 1859. West side - JANE ROBERSTON his wife born ? 1826 died 4th July ?

Middle – Row 1 – 10 – Darling/Grieve

(Small headstone) Buried here Miss MARGARET DARLING who died 6 February 1816. Also AGNES DARLING her sister who died 5 August 1818 spouse to ROBERT GRIEVE tenant in West Mains. Both daughters of late THOMAS DARLING Surgeon in Longheugh and Esq of Apple Tree Leaves. (The following is an extract from the Galashiels Cemetery):-

Middlw – Row 1 – 11 – Seton/Gillies/Crichton

(East Wall) In memory of REBECCA SETON died 25 June 1857 aged 26 years, ANNE died 6 February 1861 aged 20 years, ELIZABETH CRICHTON died 1 August 1867 aged 28 years. Also CHRISTINA MARGARET died 27 June 1871 aged 27 years. Daughters of GEORGE GILLIES Surgeon Coldstream. GEORGE, DAVID SETON and WILLIAM his sons died in infancy who are buried at Kelso Abbey. Also REBECCA JANE SETON died 9 January 1879 aged 78 years.

Middle – Row 1 – 15 – Pringle

Here is interred the body of MARY PRINGLE daughter of Captain WILLIAM PRINGLE of theBNorthumberland Regiment of Militia. She was removed from this life in the 4th year of her age 25 December 1829.

Middle – Row 1 – 17 – Gray/Robson/Brown

Eected by JANET GRAY in memory of her father ANDREW GRAY Bootmaker in Coldstream who died 3rd February 1866 aged 73 years. Also JANET ROBSON his wife who died 22nd December 1831 aged 39 years. Also DANIEL their son who died 3rd April 1848 aged 27 years. Also ISABELLA and MATILDA daughters who died in infancy. Also CHRISTINA BROWN who doed at Coldstream in 1861 aged 82 years. cousin to the above ANDREW GRAY. Also JANET GRAY who died ? November 1868 aged 53 years.

Middle – Row 1 – 18 – Waddel/Halliday

(On the east wall of the kirkyard right at bottom overlooking the river) Erected in memory of JOHN WADDEL Builder in Coldstream who died 7 April 1830 aged 59 years. ELSPETH HALLIDAY his wife who died 6 March 1837 aged 60 years.MARGARET their daughter who died 4 Jany 1816 aged 3 weeks. Also WILLIAM their eldest son who died at Hovingham Yorkshire 14 September 1845 aged 38 years interred there. Also DAVID their son who died 17 August 1858 aged 46 years. Also ELIZABETH (Hills per Death Register) wife who died 25 December 1891 aged 80 years.

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