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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

East – Row 9 – 2 – Aitchison/Kelly

Erected by ROBERT AITCHISON in loving memory of ELIZABETH KELLY who died 17th February 1926 age 68 years. Also  the above ROBERT AITCHISON on who died 12th July 1940 in his 83rd year.

East – Row 9 – 4 – Weatherhead/Mitchell

Erected by ISABELLA WEATHERHEAD in loving memory of her husband Colour Sergt. WILLIAM MITCHELL late Black Watch who died at Dundonald 6 November 1913.

Also their son Dmr. JOSEPH MITCHELL Black Watch killed at Loos 26th December 1915 age 19 years.

Also son Pte. GEORGE MITCHELL late Black Watch who died of wounds received in the war 17th Febuary 1924 age 28 years. Also ISABELLA WEATHERHEAD widow of the above WILLIAM MITCHELL who died 15th June 1923 age 67 years.

East – Row 9 – 5 – Renton

Erected by ELIZABETH RENTON in loving memory of brother JOHN who died Coldstream 27th January 1924 aged 70 years. Also Corporal JOHN RENTON 1st/4th KOSB killed in action near Bellicourt September 1st 1918 aged 29 years. Also BETSY RENTON who died 30th September 1936 in her 82nd year.

East – Row 9 – 6 – Oliver/Robertson

In loving memory of ANNIE HALL OLIVER ROBERTSON who died at Kelso 1st December 1930 aged 33 years. Small headstone beside. In loving memory of BABY ROBERTSON who died 9th August 1923 aged 5 days.

East – Row 9 – 7 – Thomson/Renton

In loving memory of JAMES THOMSON died at Wedderburn Mains on 7th April 1941. Also MARGARET RENTON wife who died at Milne Graden East Mains on 18th June 1923. Also daughter MARY who died at Wedderburn Mains on 11th March 1961. Also daughter ROBINA who died at Knoll Hospital Duns on 7th February 1982.  

East – Row 9 – 8 – Marshall/Logan

In memory of ISABELLA MARSHALL beloved wife of DANIEL LOGAN Castlelaw Orchard who died 15 June 1923 aged 73 years. Also the above DANIEL LOGAN who died 20th April 1930 in her 90th year. Also JAMES DANIEL their son who died 1st July 1938 aged 49 years. Also CATHERINE ISABELLA who died 26 August 1944 in her 56th year. Also ANDREW her son who died 17 January 1969 aged 73 years.

East – Row 9 – 9 – Scott/Craig/Patterson

Erected by RICHARD SCOTT in loving memory of HELEN CRAIG mother who died 19 August 1922 aged 82 years. Also WILLIAM SCOTT his father who died 12 May 1925 aged 76 years. Also CATHERINE JANE PATTERSON beloved wife of the above RICHARD SCOTT who died 15 November 1932 aged 57 years. Also the above RICHARD SCOTT who died 7 January 1953 aged 72 years.

East – Row 9 – 10 – Spence/Rae

In loving memory of ROBERT SPENCE who died at Darnchester on 1 July 1948 aged 60 years. Also sons ANDREW who died 1 August 1922 aged 4 1/2 years. ROBERT who died 4 September 1926 aged 6 months. And dearly beloved wife CHRISTINA RAE who died at Tweedmouth on 10 February 1977 aged 90 years. 

East – Row 9 – 11 – Robertson/Dickson/Stewart

In loving memory of ISABELLA H. W. ROBERTSON beloved wife of WILLIAM DICKSON died at Castlelaw 15th April 1922 aged 37 years. Also the above WILLIAM DICKSON who died 24th Fenruary 1970 in his 87th year. Also son HENRY who died 6th March 1972 aged 66 years. MARGARET I STEWART second wife of the above WILLIAM DICKSON who died 24th November 1972 aged 83 years. (Small marble headstone) - ELIZABETH daughter of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH who died 20th January 2002 aged 94 years. 

East – Row 9 – 12 – Elder/Cochrane

In loving memory of DAVID LOCKHART ELDER Solicitor and Town Clerk Coldstream beloved husband of ANNIE S COCHRANE who died 5th August 1944. Of the said ANNIE S COCHRANE who died 22nd July 1974.

East – Row 9 – 13 – Fairley/Lothian

Treasured memory of VIOLET LOTHIAN FAIRLEY who died 30th march 2007 aged 75 years. A much loved mother and grandmother loving wife of ANDREW WOOD FAIRLEY who died 25th September 2009 aged 77 years. Dear husband dad and grandad. Always in our hearts. 

East – Row 9 – 14 – Harle/Haig

In Loving Memory of GEORGE A. M. HARLE MRCVS. Coldstream who died 27th October 1944 age 77 years. Also Capt RJP HARLE MCA and SHRS eldest son of the above wounded at Roeux died in Etaples Military Hospital 26th April 1917 age 21 years. interred at Etaples Military Cemetery. Also ANNIE J. HAIG wife of the above GEORGE A.M. HARLE who died 10th August 1958 age 82 years.

East – Row – 9 – 15 – Marjoribanks/Buchanan/Ker

In loving memory of WILIAM MARJORIBANKS beloved husband of AGNES BUCHANAN who died at Lennel Newtown on 6th December 1944 aged 81 years. Also the above AGNES BUCHANAN who died 6th September 1952 aged 92 years. Also daughter JESSIE widow of WA KER who died 22nd July 1970 in her 81st year. HELEN MARY beloved daughter of WILLIAM and AGNES MARJORIBANKS 1899-1974. 

East – Row 9 – 16 Smith/Gibson//Bryson

In loving memory of WALTER SMITH Builder Coldstream dearly beloved husband of AGNES GIBSON who died 27th February 1945 aged 64 years. Also the above AGNES GIBSON who died 20th November 1951 aged 74 years. And daughter CHRISTINA H BRYSON who died 15th January 1996 aged 85 years. And her husband WILLIAM BRYSON who died 26th August 1978 aged 71 years.

East – Row 9 – 17 – Douglas/Oliver/Sheriff

In loving memory of THOMAS DOUGLAS Oaklea Coldstream beloved husband of JESSIE S OLIVER who died 23rg August 1945. Also the said JESSIE SHERIFF OLIVER who died 6th February 1959 in her 100th year. Also MARY ISOBEL OLIVER Grafton House Yetholm dear sister of above and died at Oaklea Coldstream on 14th July 1944. 

East – Row 9 – 18 – Henderson/Bertram

Erected by ROBERT HENDERSON MG In loving memory of wife ELIZABETH BROWNLIE BERTRAM who died 5th July 1944 aged 73 years. Also the above ROBERT HENDERSON of Gordon who died 7th February 1959 aged 81 years. 

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