East – Row 7

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

East – Row 7 – 1 – Forbes/Wightman

In loving memory of ROBERT FORBES Georgefield husband of GRACE WIGHTMAN who died at 19 Great King Street Edinburgh January 26th 1965 aged 73 years. Also said GRACE WIGHTMAN who died Rose Villa Leitholm April 13th 1968 aged 78 years.oe

East – Row 7 – 3 – Alexander/Hewit

Erected by MARGARET ALEXANDER in memory of husband GEORGE HEWIT who died 11th August 1955 late of Hirsel. Also above MARGARET ALEXANDER who died 3rd November 1980 aged 78 years, RIP. 

East – Row 7 – 4 – Ferguson/Robson

In loving memory of GEORGE D. FERGUSON who died 3rd January 1956 aged 65 years. Also wife ELIZA ROBSON who died 25th February 1975 aged 87 years. Also son JOHN who died 1st June 1940 aged 18 years. On active service.

East – Row 7 – 5 – Hall/Anderson

In loving memory of CHARLOTTE E. HALL beloved wife of EDWIN ANDERSON passed away at Coldstream 1st April 1956 aged 80 years. Also above EDWIN ANDERSON who died 1st February 1966 aged 93 years. Their daughter JANE 1905-1984.

East – Row 7 – 6 – Taylor

Erected by JOHN TAYLOR In loving memory of wife MARY who died at Gateside Head on May 22nd 1956. Also the above JOHN TAYLOR who died at Coldstream August 2nd 1957.

East – Row 7 – 9 – Wilson/Hope

In loving memory of AGNES WILSON wife of ANDREW HOPE who died Coldstream Mains 23rd June 1956 aged 79 years. Also above ANDREW HOPE who died Coldstream Cottage Hospital 7th April 1959 aged 84 years.

East – Row 7 – 13 – Robson/Coxon

In loving memory of ISAAC ROBSON who died Coldstream September 2nd 1952. Also wife HANNAH ROBSON who died Coldstream 2nd March 1967. ISABELLA ROBSON who died 10th May 1975. THOMAS ROBSON who died 6th December 1993 beloved husband of late ANNIE COXON.  

East – Row 7 – 14 – Lillie/Gibson

In loving memory of JOHN J.T. LILLIE beloved husband of JANE GIBSON who died Castlelaw 16th November 1956 aged 75 years. Also above JANE GIBSON who died at Coldstream Cottage Hospital 25th May 1972 aged 88 years.

East – Row 7 – 15 – Law/Cairns

In loving memory of PETER LAW who died Coldstream 3rd January 1957 aged 60 years. And his wife MARGARET CAIRNS who died 18th April 1976 aged 81 years.

East – Row 7 – 17 – Knott/Benn


Sacred to memory of JESSIE KNOTT widow of WILLIAM PARSONAGE BENN who died 30th July 1955 in her 89th year. Also of MARJORIE WINIFRED beloved wife of LESLIE GEORGE BENN who died 7th July 1961 in her 56th year."

East – Row 7 – 18 – Benn/Brown

Small Stone in front of previous Benn headstone. LESLIE GEORGE BENN who died 21st August 1984 in his 80th year. In loving memory of SUSAN L. BROWN (BENN) 4.12.1934-22.7.2000. 

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