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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

East – Row 6 – 1 – Reid/Cockburn

Erected by MARY ANN REID in memory of husband ROBERT WILLIAM COCKBURN who was interred into rest 9th April 1928 aged 69 tears. Also above MARY ANN REID who died 27th March 1929 aged 70 years.

East – Row 6 – 2 – Edgar/Rae/Edson

In loving memory of GEORGE EDGAR who died 31st May 1928 and of his son JOSEPH Private 4th KOSB killed at Gallipoli 12th July 1915. And of his wife ELIZABETH RAE who died 15th October 1962. And of their son ALEXANDER RAE EDGAR who died 23rd April 1985. Also eldest daughter ELIZABETH RAE EDSON who died 18th March 1991.  

East – Row 6 -3 – Black/Hamilton

In memory of BETTY grand dad of DAVID BLACK who died at Hirsel 15th July 1928 aged 10 years. Also above DAVID BLACK of Binning Gardens who died 8th October 1945 aged 78 years. And ELIZABETH HAMILTON his wife who died 12th June 1956 aged 95 years.

East – Row 6 -4 – Brotherston/Cumming

In loving memory of my dear husband THOMAS H. BROTHERSTON who died 22nd July 1928 aged 61 years. Also JOHN of above died in infancy. Also ELEANOR CUMMING who died 7th June 1943 aged 69 years.

East – Row 6 -5 – Colvine/Yule

In loving memory of ADAM COLVINE husband of BARBARA YULE who died 16th August 1928 aged 65 years. Also above BARBARA YULE who died 12th June 1944 aged 63 years.

East – Row 6 – 6 – Hardie

In loving memory of THOMAS HARDIE who died 30th October 19-8 aged 44 years. RIP. Require brush to be able to read east end. North side - also SARAH HARDIE who died 10th January 1975 aged 74 years.

East – Row 6 -7 – Halliday/Hardie

In loving memory of HELEN SARAH HALLIDAY who died at Cottage Hospital 25th December 1928 aged 12 years. Also AGNES HARDIE wife of DAVID HALLIDAY who died at Ayton Law 1st September 1945. Also above DAVID HALLIDAY who died Coldstream Corrage Hospital 12th February 1976 aged 91 years.

East – Row 6 -8 – Livingstone

In loving memory of my dear husband HUGH LIVINGSTONE who died as the result of an accident near Kelso 27th June 1941. Till we meet again.

East – Row 6 -9 – Oliver/Corcoran

In loving memory of JANE ANN OLIVER wife of MICHAEL CORCORAN who died at Lennel Hill 10th May 1945. ELIZABETH daughter who died at Todrigg 17th February 1929. Also above MICHAEL CORCORAN born 14th May 1877 died 22nd October 1954. 

East – Row 6 – 10 – Hettle/McLaren

In loving memory of MARGARET HETTLE beloved wife of ANGUS McLAREN who died 29th June 1929 aged 77 years. Also above ANGUS McLAREN who died 24th December 1931 aged 70 years.

East – Row 6 -13 – Byers/Black

In loving memory of JANET BYERS beloved wife of THOMAS BLACK who died Crooks Cottage 22nd January 1951. Also above THOMAS BLACK who died 18th August 1966.

East – Row 6 – 14 – Margagh/Wallace

In ever loving memory of WILLIAM SHARP MARGAGH who died 4th November 1951. Also dear wife MARY ANN WALLACE who died 19th March 1975 in her 96th year. Their youngest son ROBERT who died 29th April 1978 aged 60 years.

East – Row 6 – 15 – Thompson/Wilson

In loving memory of GEORGE WILLIAM THOMPSON who died 19th September 1952 aged 80 years. And of his wife MARY WILSON who died 30th January 1952 aged 74 years. Also daughter ANNE SPENCE THOMPSON who died 3rd June 1991 aged 82 years.

East – Row 6 – 16 – Lamont/McDonald

In loving memory of our dad and grand dad ROBERT LAMONT who died 27th September 1972 aged 71 years. Also his mother JEANNIE LAMONT who died 16th May 1952 aged 73 years. And our dear mother MARY McDONALD wife of above ROBERT LAMONT who died 17th October 1977 aged 67 years.

Eat – Row 6 – 17 – Runciman

In loving memory of GEORGE WILLIAM RUNCIMAN who died 29th July 1952. And his wife MAGGIE who died 20th August 1976. Also daughter MARY who died 25th December 1982. 

East Row 6 – 18 – Proudlock

In loving memory of  NANCY PROUDLOCK who died 24th October 1952 aged 32 Years. Also mother ELIZABETH E. PROUDLOCK who died 21st September 1955 aged 66 years. Also father JOHN THOMAS PROUDLOCK late School Master Wark and huisband of ELIZABETH PROUDLOCK who died 19th February 1960 aged 70 years. LEWIS A. PROUDLOCK 8th May 1923 - $th August 1997.

East Row 6 – 19 – Rutherford

In loving memory of MARY JANE RUTHERFORD who died 25th December 1952 aged 74 years. ALEXANDER RUTHERFORD who died 29th January 1965 aged 85 years.

East Row 6 – 20 – Trotter/Johnston

In loving memory of AGNES TROTTER dearly beloved wife of WILLIAM JOHNSTON who died Queen's Cottage  Hirsel 28th March 1953 aged 70 years. Also said WILLIAM JOHNSTON who died 15th December 1959 aged 82 years.

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