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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

East – Row 5 – 1 – Purves/Cuthbert/Tait

Erected by HELEN PURVES in memory of her husband GEORGE. R. CUTHBERT who died Coldstream 10th November 1929 aged 57 years. Also ISABELLA TAIT daughter who died 27th May 1946 aged 44 years. Also above HELEN PURVES who died 29th May 1956 aged 83 years.

East – Row 5 – 2 – Farquhar

Erected by WILLIAM FARQUHAR in rememberance of mother ELIZABETH FARQUHAR who died at Fireburnmill 1930 aged 92 years. Also her daughter MARGARET who died 3rd September 1940 aged 57 years. Also her daughter CATHERINE who died 5th May 1954 aged 76 years. Also the above WILLIAM FARQUHAR who died 12th August 1958 aged 78 years.

East – Row 5 – 3 – Fleming/Whitelaw

In loving memory of WILLIAM FLEMING who died at Milne Graden Lodge on 12th April 1930 aged 66 years. Also HELEN WHITELAW who died 27th June 1988 aged 70 years. And elder son JOHN who died 24th December 1971 aged 80 years

East Row 5 – 4 – Reid/Lauder

In loving memory of ETHEL REID who died 29th May 1918. Also her husband DAVID FERGUSON LAUDER who died 25th April 1986. And their son stillborn August 1930. 

East – Row 5 – 5 – Hewit/Brunton/Smith

In loving memory of WILLIAM HEWIT beloved husband of JANE BRUNTON who died Kincham Lodge 17th January 1931 in his 71st year. Also the above JANE BRUNTON who died at Hillside Chirnside 24th December 1937 in her 76th year. Also ROBERT SMITH son of the above died at Coldstream Hiospital 3rd August 1930 aged 28 years.

East – Row 5 – 6 – Queenan/Robertson

Small headstone, fallen. In loving memory of MARY ANN QUEENAN wife of JOHN ROBERTSON who died Coldstream 5th August 1930 aged 67 years. Also  JOHN ROBERTSON  who died Ferniehill Kelso 28th August 1932 aged 66 years. 

East – Row 5 – 7 – Young/Renton

In loving memory of WILLIAM YOUNG beloved husband of ELIZA RENTON who died Hirsel Homestead 29th December 1930 aged 65 years. Also ELIZA RENTON who died Cornhill 15th June 1947 aged 79 years.

East – Row 5 – 8 – Smerdon

In loving memory of FREDERICK SMERDON. Also JANET SMERDON wife of above and their only child CHARLES JOHN SUTHERLAND SMERDON killed in the Great War. 

East – Row 5 – 10 – Heckles/Wilson

Erected by ANDREW C. HECKLES in memory of wife PHYLLIS L. WILSON who died Coldstream 25th November 1931 aged 68 years.

Also the above ANDREW C. HECKLES who died 6th June 1936 aged 74 years. 

Pte HENRY W HECKLES 8th D.L.I. son ot the above died of wounds received in action in France 27th May 1915 aged 26 years

East – Row 5 – 11 – Tocher/Brims

In memory of ELIZABETH 1875-1932 wife of HENRY TOCHER 1865-1939. Their son THOMAS 1899-1918. Daughter CATHERINE 1896-1986. Daughter QUEENIE BRIMS 1904-1999. 

East – Row 5 – 12 – Gillie/Ford/Johnston

Erected in memory of PETER WAITE GILLIE beloved husband of JESSIE FORD died 20th January 1952 aged 75 years. AGNES JOHNSTON wife who died 31st December 1932 aged 54 years. Also JESSIE FORD who died 24th January 1972 aged 82 years.

East – Row 5 – 14 – Dunn

WILLIAM DUNN 1895-1984. ISABELLA BENNETT DUNN 1899-1984 devoted husband and wife kind and loving parents. Brave, generous souls united within their sons IAN DUNN 1924-1944.  

East – Row 5 – 15 – Hogg/Purves

In loving memory of RICHARD HOGG dear husband of MARY PURVES who died at Hirsel Law 3rd May 1949. Also above MARY PURVES died 1st November 1968.  

East – Row 5 – 16 – Dawson/Hall/Fulton

In loving memory of DOROTHY FALL DAWSON of York beloved wife of JOHN ARTHUR HALL died 28th October 1949 aged 52 years. Also above JOHN ARTHUR HALL who died Coldstream 27th May 1972 aged 80 years. Also daughter VERA FULTON 1919-2004 dear wife of THOMAS FULTON 1919-1996.

East – Row 5 – 17 – Cairns/Todd

In loving memory of CATHERINE CAIRNS wife of ROBERT TODD who died at Skaithmuir 6th November 1949 aged 65 years. Also ROBERT TODD who died 15th June 1956 aged 77 years. Daughter ELSPETH who died 4th September 1969.

East – Row 5 – 18 – Forbes/Knox

In loving memory of ALEXANDER FORBES beloved husband of CHRISTINA KNOX died Lennel 9th April 1950 aged 67 years. Also above CHRISTINA KNOX who died 8th December 1981 aged 91 years.

East – Row 5 – 19 – Watson/Hay

In loving memory of ANDREW WATSON beloved husband of MARY HAY who died 2nd May 1950 aged 72 years. Also above MARY HAY who died 26th December 1961 aged 76 years. Their son ALEXANDER who died 13th May 1994 aged 76 years. Husband of GLADYS.

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