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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

East – Row 2 – 1 – Collins

In memory of THOMASINA COLLINS who died 24th November 1957. Also her daughter ALISON who died 23rd December 1937. Erected by her brother GEORGE.

East – Row 2 – 2 – Lockie/Veitch

In loving memory of ANDREW ROBSON LOCKIE who died 9th July 1938 aged 73 years. Also wife ELEANOR VEITCH who died 29th May 1955 in her 90th year. Also WILLIAM his son killed at Ypres, 9th November 1914 aged 27 years.

East – Row 2 – 3 – Hunter/Davidson

Erected by WILLIAM HUNTER in loving memory of MARY DAVIDSON wife who died at Todhillrigg on 10th November 1938 aged 43 years. Also the said WILLIAM HUNTER who died at Todhillrigg on 3rd September 1969 aged 78 years.

East – Row 2 – 4 – Reid/Brown

In loving memory of CATHERINE REID who died 27th February 1939 aged 71 years. Also husband ANDREW BROWN who died 3rd April 1954 aged 81 years. And elder daughter JANE HELEN who died 1st May 1973 aged 73 years.

East – Row 2 – 5 – Kerr/Collins

In loving memory of FRANCIS KERR of Milnegraden who died 5th April 1939 aged 63 years. Also wife ALISON COLLINS who died in Edinburgh on 15th April 1941 aged 72 years.

East – Row 2 – 6 – Clazie/Crawford

In loving memory of my dear husband WILLIAM CLAZIE 1858-1939. Also son Pte ROBT CLAZIE Machine Gun Corps who died in France 1918. Also wife ELEANOR CRAWFORD 1870-1953.

East – Row 2 – 7 – Field/Ford/Jongbleots

In loving memory of JOHN B.T. FIELD who died 27th May 1939 aged 38 years. Also wife JESSIE H. FORD who died 17th April 1969 aged 77 years. Also grandchild MARIA JOHNGBLEOTS who died in infancy. Mother ELIZABETH  who died in Holland 10th June 1990.

East – Row 2 – 8 – Kinghorn/Haig

In loving memory of WALTER KINGHORN beloved husband of ANDRINA HAIG who died 10th December 1939 aged 45 years. Also ANDRINA HAIG who died 11th August 1970 aged 74 years. Also daughter JESSIE who died 29th May 1987 aged 60 years.

East – Row 2 – 9 – Turnbull/Townsley

In loving memory of HELEN TURNBULL beloved daughter of JOHN and AGNES TOWNSLEY who died 23rd December 1939 aged 19 years. There is a little stone beside this headstone. Also AGNES TOWNSLEY who died 24th January 1974 aged 74 years. Also JOHN TOWNSLEY who died 24th October 1976 aged 80 years. Till we meet again.

East – Row 2 – 10 – Young/Hume

In loving memory of MARY YOUNG beloved wife of WILLIAM HUME Coldstream who died 6th February 1940 aged 77 years. Also the above WILLIAM HUME who died 21st December 1950 aged 90 years.

East – Row 2 – 11 – Kerr

In memory of WILLIAM STEWART KERR 17th November 1918-4th February 2010. Dear father of KATHLEEN and ISOBEL beloved husband of MARGARET.

East – Row 2 – 12 – Stewart

In loving memory of CHARLES STEWART died 25th February 1940 aged 49 years. Also wife JESSIE PARKER STEWART who died 3rd July 1957 aged 60 years.

East – Row 2 – 13 – McQueen/Watson

Sacred to the memory of ANDREW MCQUEEN born 7th March 1859 died 22nd March 1940. Also son Paymaster Lt. ANDREW MCQUEEN RNR born 7th September 1892 drowned off Belgian coast 26th April 1919. Also wife ISOBEL MEIKLE WATSON born 26th March 1861 died 28th January 1943.  

East – Row 2 – 14 – Todd/Hunter

In loving memory of ELIZABETH TODD beloved wife of JOHN HUNTER Todhillrig who died 29th March 1940 aged 64 years. Also the above JOHN HUNTER who died at Todhillrig on 29th April 1946 aged 67 years.

East – Row 2 – 15 – Renton/Trotter/Manning.

In loving memory of DAVID RENTON Homestead Hirsel who died 17th July 1940 aged 78 years. Also wife ZOELLA TROTTER who died 25th September 1951 aged 82 years. Also ISABELLA daughter of the above who died 23rd October 1954 aged 57 years. Beside this headstone is a small stone - In remembrance of my beloved father and mother EDWARD and ISOBEL MANNING.

East – Row 2 – 15a – Manning

Small stone in between the Renton/Trotter and Gray/McGregor headstones 

In remembrance of my beloved father and mother EDWARD and ISABEL MANNING

East – Row 2 – 16 – Gray/McGregor

In loving memory of WILLIAM GRAY who died 9th November 1940 aged 79 years.

Also so WILLIAM MATTHEW GRAY serving in the Merchant Navy who died at sea 28th June 1941 aged 50 years.

Also wife ISABELLA McGREGOR who died 18th March 1950 aged 85 years.

Also daughter MAGGIE who died 8th January 1983 aged 89 years.

East – Row 2 – 17 – Wood

In loving memory of JOHN WOOD beloved husband of HARRIET who died 18th February 1966 aged 62 years. Also HARRIET who died 18th March 1980 aged 71 years.

East – Row 2 – 18 – Common/Jeffrey

In memory of WILLIAM J. COMMON husband of ELIZABETH JEFFREY who died 2nd June 1972 aged 69 years. Also daughter MARY who died 11th December 1983 aged 78 years. Also son JOHN S. JEFFREY who died 23rd October 2005.

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