Section F – Row 5

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Section F Row 5 – 2 – Wilson

In Loving Memory of HELENA JANE, beloved wife of JAMES WILSON, who died 9th Octr. 1954 aged 60 years.  Also the above JAMES WILSON who died 5th Decr. 1956 aged 68 years.

Section F Row 5 – 3 – Middlemiss

In Loving Memory of ISABELLA, beloved wife of GEORGE PERCY MIDDLEMISS, who died 7th April 1956 aged 61 years.  Also her beloved husband GEORGE PERCY MIDDLEMISS who died 24th March 1987 aged 92 years.

Section F Row 5 – 4 – Swan/Patterson

In Loving Memory of THOMAS SWAN, beloved husband of MARGARET PATTERSON who died 2nd Octr. 1966 aged 98 years.

Also their son JOHN SWAN who died 11th Decr. aged 82 years.

Section F Row 5 – 5 – Swan

In Loving Memory of EUPHEMIA S SWAN, beloved wife of JAMES SWAN, Donaldsons Lodge, who died 25th February 1959.

Also of the above JAMES SWAN who died 17th June 1961

Section F Row 5 – 6 – Moffat

In Loving Memory of my dear husband RALPH MOFFAT, who died 12th June 1959 aged 77 years.

Also his wife ELIZABETH JANE who died 18th July 1966 aged 87 years.

Section F Row – 5 – 7 – Renton

In Loving Memory of WILLIAM RENTON, died 4th March 1953 aged 39.  F/O FRANCIS RENTON, missing over Hanover, 5th January 1945 aged 29.  Pte. Private ALEXANDER RENTON, their father, died of wounds in France 19th October 1917 aged 29.  MARY E RENTON, wife and mother died 31st July 1972 aged 79.

Section F Row 5 – 8 – Scott

Erected In Memory of my father & mother ANDREW SCOTT who died 23rd Novr. 1958 and CHRISTINA W. SCOTT who died 8th March 1960.

Section F Row 5 – 9 – Tait

In Loving Memory of ALEXANDER TAIT who died 2nd August 1959 aged 81 years.

Also his wife MARGARET, died 1st Feby. 1961 aged 82 years and their daughter MARGARET, died at Cockermouth, 7th Augt. 1963 aged 50 years.

Section F Row 5 – 10 – Hume

Sacred to the Memory of AGNES TAIT HUME, died 15th Jan. 1960 aged 77 and her husband ALEXANDER, died 30 July 1961 aged 80.

Section F Row 5 – 12 – Moffat

Treasured Memories of JAMES P.S. MOFFAT, New Harper Ridge, died 11th January 1963.  ALISON CHISHOLM MOFFAT, died 25th February 1991.

Section F Row 5 – 13 – Johnston

In Loving Memory of AGNES, beloved of WILLIAM JOHNSTON, Buckie House, who died 29th June 1963 aged 72 years.  Also the above WILLIAM JOHNSTON who died at Coldstream, 7th Sept. 1971 aged 75 years.

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