Section B – Row 1

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Main – Section B – Row 1 – 1 – Havery/Bell

In affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM HAVERY of Oxendean Burn, who died there, 5th Feb. 1877, aged 73 years.  JANE BELL his wife who died there 1st June 1869, aged 65 years.  WILLIAM their son who died there 29th December 1839 aged 4 years and AGNES their daughter who died there 20th July 1850 aged 24 years.

Main – Section B – Row 1 – 2 – Marshall

To the memory of WILLIAM MARSHALL, Blacksmith, Branxton, who died April 30th 1832 aged 59 years.  Also ANN MARSHALL his spouse who died May 11th 1846 aged 79 years.  Also WILLIAM their son who died Aug. 2nd 1827 aged 17 years. And of ROBERT MARSHALL their son who died at Branxton 11th Aug. 1860 aged 55 years.  Also ANNIE MARSHALL, daughter of ROBERT MARSHALL and wife of JAMES LYALL who died at Milfield Hill, 26 Dec. 1869 aged 28 years.  Also ISABELLA, widow of the above ROBERT MARSHALL who died at Milfield, June 22nd 1890 aged 72 years.

Main – Section B – Row 1 – 4 – Younger/Strangways

In Memory of THOMAS YOUNGER’S family of Milfield.
Viz.  THOS. died Nov 9th 1797 aged 1 year. His second son THOMAS died Feb 24th 1798 aged 14 weeks. JOHN died Jan 7th 1808 aged 1 year. AGNES died March 21st 1819 aged 18 years. His 3rd son THOMAS died May 13th 1820 aged 17 years. And MARGARET his wife died July 6th 1827 aged 61 years. THOMAS YOUNGER died May 26th 1837 aged 82 years. ROBERT his son died 31st January 1847 aged 52 years
Reverse of above stone

In Memory of EDWARD STRANGWAYS who died at Milfield, December 25th 1819 aged 32 years and JANE YOUNGER his wife who died April 4th 1821 aged 32 years.  MARGARET YOUNGER died 13 Dec. 1859 aged 50 years.  ELIZABETH YOUNGER died 31st May 1861 aged 71 years.  RALPH YOUNGER died 23rd Nov. 1861 aged 69 years.  Also MARGARET YOUNGER who died at Milfield, March 2nd 1864 aged 27 years

Main – Section B – Row 1 – 5 – Younger

This stone was erected by THOMAS YOUNGER in memory of his deceased parents and children.  RALPH YOUNGER who died August 15th 1788 aged 88 years.  Also MARGARET his wife who died December 3rd 1799 aged 85 years.  THOMAS YOUNGER who died June 9th 1797 aged 7 months.  Also THOMAS who died March 20th 1799 aged ..........
(rest is buried in the ground)

Main – Section B – Row 1 – 6 – Younger

Erected by ELEANOR YOUNGER, In Memory of her Father SIMON YOUNGER of Wark, who died Sept 22nd 1836, aged 67 years.  Also MARY YOUNGER her mother who died June 11th 1852 aged 81 years.  Also JANE ANN, her daughter died March 22nd 1815 aged 6 years.

Main – Section B – Row 1 – 8 – Swan/Marshall

Erected In Memory of WILLIAM SWAN who died at Cornhill, November 7th 1817 aged 47 years.  Also JANE his wife who died Sept. 4th 1829 aged 55 years and also HELEN their daughter who died Nov. 1st 1830 aged 18 years.  Also of ISABELLA MARSHALL, daughter of the above and wife of JAMES MARSHALL who died at Cornhill, 9th March 1875 aged 74 years.  Also the said JAMES MARSHALL who died 13th October 1876 aged 77 years.

Main – Section B – Row 1 – 9 – Marshall

In Loving Memory of GEORGINA, youngest daughter of JOHN & JANE MARSHALL, Milfield who fell asleep in Jesus, 17th October 1906 aged 28 years.  The above JOHN MARSHALL who died at Milfield, 22nd Feb. 1912 aged 72 years.  The above JANE MARSHALL who died at Milfield, 6th Jan. 1918 aged 76 years.  Also of JANE, daughter of the above who died at Milfield, 28 Jan. 1959 aged 83 years.

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