Bench for Lennel Kirk

Ruth Williamson of Lennel village has kindly donated a quality bench to be installed in better weather inside Lennel kirk. The conserved site, during summers, is expected to witness a steady flow of visitors. We are confident the seat will be regularly used and appreciated. Thanks Ruth.

By Trevor Swan

Visitor Information Board

Our kindred body, Coldstream's Heritage Ltd (CHL), has some spare cash from the Lennel kirk project and is envisaging a visitor information board at the Braeheads overlooking the river Tweed, a very popular stopping-off point for visitors. As well as highlighting visitor facilities in Coldstream, the board will also inform visitors of history and the built and cultural heritage e.g. Flodden, Lennel Kirk, Guards' Museum, Tweed Bridge, Jacob's Well, Irregular Marriages, Earl of Home and Hirsel Estate and the river Tweed valley (SSSI). It looks like some funding will come from the Flodden 1513 Club and business sponsorship to pay for the board. Osprey Ltd, graphic designers, are currently designing a board which will include: town map and where services and facilities are located, local attractions, places to eat and drink, history of the area and major events in this old 'Burgh'.

It should very much help visitors. It should also help visitor footfall and the local economy. CHL is currently passing through the processes of securing permissions. 

Coldstream volunteers at their very best; trying to help the 'First True Border Toun'. 

By Trevor Swan

Thanks to Reverend Bob Higham

The Society extends its thanks to Bob Higham for a very interesting talk last Thursday on the Borderline. He had, along with family, walked the whole length of the current border, from the Solway to the North Sea. As Bob described the experience of his staged walk, he alluded to quite a bit of history too. Society secretary, Lynne Burgess, gave Bob a well-deserved vote of thanks at the end. 

By Trevor Swan

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