East - Row 11

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East Row 11 - 2 Ainslie/Denholm

In loving memory of REBECCA AINSLIE dearly beloved wife of ROBERT DENHOLM who died at Coldstream 2nd April 1961 aged 24 years. Also the above ROBERT DENHOLM who died 15th June 1977 aged 84 years. Till we meet again.

East Row 11 - 15 Clark/Redshaw

Erected by JAMES O. REDSHAW in loving memory of dear wife JANE ANN CLARK who died at Crooks 9th March 1950 aged 72 years. Also the said JAMES OLIVER REDSHAW who died Edinburgh on 9th December 1957.

East Row 11 - 16 - Logan

To the dear memory of JOHN WG LOGAN 1875-1950. Semper FIdelis and EMMA SOPHIA his wife 1875-1959.

East Row 11 - 17 - Elliot/Watson

Erected by ANDREW T ELLIOT in loving memory of his wife ELIZABETH P WATSON who died in Peel Hospital on 6th July 1950 in her 54th year. Also the said ANDREW T ELLIOT who died 10th March 1952 in his 71st year.

East Row 11 - 28 - Coxon

In loving memory of JAMES COXON late of the Dub Birgham died 22nd May 1977.

East Row 11 - 37 - Atkinson

In loving memory of CHARLES HENRY ATKINSON who died 6th October 1979 aged 68 years. Also wife HANNAH ATKINSON who died 16th December 1987 aged 76 years. 

East Row 11 - 41 - McConnell

In loving memory of WILLIAM JAMES McCONNELL who died 4th January 1980.