West - Baillie-Hamilton Aisle

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West - Baillie-Hamilton Aisle - 1

In memory of Georgie Douglas Baillie Hamilton OBE. Major the Royal Scots Elder son of Sir William Baillie Hamilton K.C.M.G. C.B. Born September 26th 1875 Died April 8th 1934 He served in the South African war and the European war and was wounded at the Battle of Loos 1915. He married January 14th 1914 his Cousin Helen Georgina Daughter of Commander the Hon H. Ballie Hamilton R.N. She was Born 5 June 1874 and Died 26 April 1951. Grant them O Lord eternal rest and let light perpetual shine on them.

West - Baillie-Hamilton Aisle - 2

In memory of the Hon Henry Baillie Hamilton Commander R.N. Fourth son of George tenth Earl of Haddington. Born Aug 20 1832. Died November 20 1895. He served in the Kaffir war 1851. The Crimea war 1855 and was wounded at he siege of Sevastopol and of his wife the Hon Harriet Frances Hepburne Scott the third daughter of Henry Francis Fifth Baron Polwarth Born March 25 1845 Died March 18 1925. Also their daughter Kathrine Ada Georgina born March 10 1879 died 3 June 1904. And of their grand daughter Kathrine Amabel Georgina Harland born April 4 1914 died 4 May 1918.

West - Baillie-Hamilton Aisle - 3

3. Also of their daughter Amabel Georgina wife of the Rev. C. J. Harland born July 1 1876 died June 20 1947. And of her husband Charles Joseph Harland Priest born June 18 1866 died February 16 1950.

West - Baillie-Hamilton Aisle - 4

Gena Mary Baillie Hamilton born November 12 1882 died June 15 1959. Margaret Kennedy born June 14 1885 died May 4th 1964. Robert Francis Harland (Kennedy) Commander Royal Navy 1907-1991.