Middle - Lennel Kirk - Internal

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Middle - Lennel Kirk Internal - 23 - Unknown

Two large headstone beside each other but unreadable.

Middle - Lennel Kirk Internal - 24 - Unknown

Two large headstone beside each other unreadable.

Middle - Lennel Kirk Internal - 25 - Goldie/Morgan/Gibson

To the memory of REV THOMAS SMITH GOLDIE who for nearly 30 years was Minister of this Parish who died 5th July 1859 aged 61 years. Also to the memory of JANE GILLOCH MORGAN his wife who died 15th May 1858 aged 45 years. And of MARGARET GIBSON his daughter who died 31st October 1845 aged 8 years.

Middle - Lennel Kirk Internal - 26 - Bell

Erected by ELIZABETH BELL in memory of her father the REVD. JAMES BELL DD MA FRSE Minister of Coldstream who died 9 August 1794 aged 50 years. And of ANNE BELL mother died 17 October 1826 aged 74 years. Also in memory of her beloved brother MAJOR JOHN BELL HEICS born  January 3 1791 died 22 October 1842. And of her beloved sister MARGARET BELL born October 29 1785 died February 24 1870.

Middle - Lennel Kirk Internal - 27 - Brydone

(Inside south wall) PATRICK BRYDONE Esqr FRS born 1736 died 1818.

Middle - Lennel Kirk Internal - 28 - Robertson/Marjoribanks

(Granite slab fallen from south inside wall. Not sure where it was placed but likely to be inside kirk) Erected by their grandsons to memory of Captain WILLIAM ROBERTSON RN died at Coldstream 30 August 1818 aged 86 years. Also MARION MARJORIBANKS his spouse died at Coldstream 1 December 1816 aged 75 years.

Middle - Lennel Kirk Internal - 29 - Dick/Cox

(Small stone surround) 1843 Set up again by JAMES DICK in memory of ROBERT DICK his father and HANNAH COX his mother and of his brothers and sisters.

Middle - Lennel Kirk Internal - 30 - Black

There is a headstone in the shed. Here lies the body of ROBERT BLACK surgeon in Coldstream who died July 4th 1870 aged 36 years. There is latin text next. Need a torch.

Middle internal on the east side Nesbit.

Sacred to the memory of JANE ANDRESON NESBIT who died Feb 15th 1863