West - Row 30

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West Row 30 - 1 Bruce/Cossar/Green

In loving memory of JANET COSSAR beloved wife of ROBERT BRUCE who died 5th February 1922 aged 65 years. Also the above ROBERT BRUCE who died 3rd August 1925 aged 74 years. Sacred to the memory of JOHN W. BRUCE eldest son of the above and beloved husband of LAURA H. GREEN died 2nd November 1940. Also the above LAURA H. GREEN who died 7th May 1963 aged 79 years.

West Row 30 - 2 Cockburn/Paterson

Erected by WILLIAM and MARY COCKBURN in loving memory of MARGARET their beloved daughter who died 8th November 1918 aged 28 years. Also MARY their beloved daughter who died 6th March 1923 aged 31 years. Also the above WILLIAM COCKBURN who died 8th March 1929 aged 72 years. Also MARY PATERSON his wife who died 12th May 1932 aged 70 years. Also HUGH PATERSON their son who died 8th October 1933 aged 35 years.

West Row 30 - 3 Brydon/prentice

In loving memory of JAMES BRYDON who died at Hatchedinize 3rd April 1918 aged 59 years.

Also BETSY PRENTICE his wife who died at Hatchedinize 13th May 1947 aged 92 years.

Also CECILIA their daughter who died at the Cottage Hospital Coldstream 7th June 1948 aged 65 years.

West Row 30 - 4 Cowie

In ever loving memory of GEORGE the dearly beloved husband of VIOLET COWIE who was killed while motoring at Coldstream 17th August 1925 aged 32 years.