section E - Row 6

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Section E - Row 6 - 6 - Moffat

In Loving Remembrance of MARGARET MOFFAT dearly beloved wife of JAMES MOFFAT who died at Donaldsons Lodge, Oct. 20th 1910 aged 59 years.  The above named JAMES MOFFAT died at the Royal Infarany ? March 9th 1912 aged 67 years.

Section E - Row 6 - 5 - Watson/Laidlaw/Wilson

Erected by JESSIE WATSON, In Memory of her husband JAMES WATSON who died at St. Cuthberts, 15th July 1899 aged 77 years.  Also their Grand Daughter JESSIE W. LAIDLAW who died at St. Cuthberts, 7th Aug. 1898 aged 21 years.  Also JESSIE WILSON wife of the above who died at Wooperton, 27th Sept. 1903 aged 79 years.

Section E - Row 6 - 4 - Duthie

In Loving Memory of a dear husband and father, JAMES DUTHIE who died at Tillmouth, 20th Oct. 1952 aged 79 years.  Also FLORANCE & JAMES RICHARD, both premature born.  Also FLORENCE dear wife of JAMES DUTHIE who died 15th April 1967 aged 87 years.  Intered at Gillingham Kent.
                                     “A FAITHFULL SERVANT AND FRIEND OF THE   BLAKE FAMILY FOR OVER 50 YEARS”

Section E - Row 6 - 3 -  Hume

In Loving Memory of Catherine the beloved daughter of WILLIAM & MARY HUME who died at Cornhill, Jan. 29th 1901, aged 11 years and 8 months.  Also of MARY ANN their daughter who died at Cornhill, Feb. 21st 1901, aged 14 years.  Also WILLIAM HUME, father of the above who died at West Longridge, 30th Sept. 1919 aged 74 years.  Also MARY HUME his wife, died 18th July 1932 aged 81 years.

Section E - Row 6 - 2 - Ford

In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH FORD who died at Crookham Eastfield, 19th? November 1900, aged 75 years.
“Her end was peace”
Also ANDREW FORD her husband who died at Lookout, Crookham, 25th August 1906 aged 85 years.

Section E - Row 6 - 1 - Alexander/Cameron

Sacred to the Memory of JOHN ALEXANDER who died at Cornhill, 18th Feby. 1899, aged 73 years and of JANE CAMERON his wife who died at Cornhill, 15th Jany. 1899 aged 60? years.

Section E - Row 6 - 0? - Moffat

This stone is lying flat and has been for many many years.

"Information from Mrs Kathleen Baxter"  William Moffat died 1932. His wife Elizabeth Brown died 1933