section E - Row 3

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Section E - Row 3 - 2 -  Clay/Blake

In Loving Memory of our mother MARY CLAY, who passed away at Tillmouth, 21st Aug. 1915, in her 87th year.  Also sacred to the Memory of FRANCIS DOUGLAS BLAKE, Baronet of Tillmouth Park, born 27th Feb. 1856, died 5th Feb. 1940.

Section E - Row 3 - 3 - Bell/Blake

In Loving Memory of MARY BELL who died 19th April 1939 aged 85 years, daughter of Capt. F. BLAKE.

Section E - Row 3 - 4 - Telford

In Loving Memory of AGNES ROBSON TELFORD, beloved daughter of GEORGE & AGNES TELFORD, who died at Coldstream Station, Jan. 4th 1916 aged 16 years.  Also the above GEORGE TELFORD who died at Whittingham, 4th Dec. 1934 aged 74 years.

Section E - Row 3 - 5 - Swan/Fairley

In Loving Memory of FRANCIS SWAN, who died at New Harperridge, Jan. 26th 1922, aged 58 years. 

MARTHA FAIRLEY, wife of the above who died Nov. 14th 1896 aged 29 years. 

Pte. WILLIAM SWAN, 6th K.O.Y.L.I. their son who died of wounds, Aug. 24th 1917.

MARGARET SWAN, wife of the above FRANCIS SWAN, who died at New Harperridge, 22nd Aug. 1942 aged 76 years.

Section E - Row 3 -  6 - Flat stone



There is now NO bush beside this stone but the stone is flat.

Section E - Row 3 - 7 - Swan/Richardson

In Loving Memory of our dear mother and father, ISABELLA SWAN, who died 5th July 1943 aged 70 years,

NICHOLAS SWAN, who died 23rd Sept. 1919 aged 47 years. 

Also our dear Grandmother JANET RICHARDSON who died 10th May 1919 aged 71 years.

Section E - Row 3 - 1 - Waugh

In Loving Memory of HELEN GRAY WAUGH, beloved daughter of ANDREW & HELEN WAUGH who died at New Harperridge, 20th March 1913 aged 9 years and 9 months.  Also the above HELEN G WAUGH who died at New Harperridge, 28th Aug. 1953 aged 76 years.  Also the above ANDREW WAUGH who died 23rd Sept. 1959 aged 85. years.