Section D - Row 12

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Main - Section D - Row - 12 - 1 -  Winchester

Sacred to the Memory of MARGARET wife of WILLIAM WINCHESTER of EWART LODGE, who died Feb. 5 1824 aged 69 years.

Main - Section D - Row - 12 - 2 -  Logan/Tndle

Erected by ANN LOGAN, In Memory of her husband THOMAS LOGAN, Blue Bell Inn, who was accidentally killed on the 17th day of October 1843 in the 61st year of his age. 

Also ANN LOGAN, wife of the above who died at Mardon Cottage on the 26th August 1859 aged 77 years. 

Also ALICE wife of GEORGE TINDLE, Grandson of the above who died at Pallinsburn Blue Bell, 17th April 1875 aged 28 years. 

Also JAMES his son died 29th April 1875 aged 3 weeks. 

Also GEORGE their son who died at Cornhill, 21st Novr. 1915 aged 79 years.

Main - Section D - Row - 12 - 3 - Tindle

Erected by ANN TINDLE, In Memory of her children WILLIAM TINDLE, died Sept. 20th 1834 aged 7 months.  ANN TINDLE died Jan 1th 1835 aged 3½ years.  Also her husband JAMES TINDLE who was accidentally killed on 17th day Oct. 1843 aged 40 years.  Also the above ANN TINDLE, who died at Cornhill, 12th April 1881 aged 71 years.

Main - Section D - Row - 12 - 4 - Barber

Erected by MARGARET BARBER, In Memory of her dear husband WILLIAM BARBER who died 17th April 1853 aged 43 years.

The above named MARGARET BARBER who died at West Flodden, 25th July 1891 aged 80 years. 

Also their children ELIZABETH & MARGARET who died in infancy.

                       “BLESSED ARE THE DEAD WHO DIE IN THE LORD